JTG Ambassador Oversize flush unit

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Rental Duration 3 Months and Up - $349.00 Per Month

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Hand Wash Station with soap
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$85 long term/month
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Foam Sanitizer Stand
$199 short term/month
$85 long term/month
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  • Vanity area
  • Flip Top tank & Drop Tank lid
  • Full-length wall mirror
  • 3 Coat / purse hooks
  • Courtesy shelf
  • Paper tower dispenser
  • Motion-activated light
  • Fresh water sink Recirculating toilet
  • Sanitary foot-controlled flush mechanism
  • Sink operates via foot control
  • Smooth,contemporary design
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Hand sanitizer in all units
  • Easy-to-use interior lock
  • 22 gallon fresh water sink
  • 40 gallon waste tank

Product Description

The Ambassador Flush Deluxe oversized roomy, upscale spacious interior unit that is full with style and function, the Ambassador Flush Deluxe Oversize provides added luxury of flush and wash capability with an extra large interior for special gatherings or for family convenience.

The stylish, modern interior is strategically configured to allow for a roomy and spacious environment. Freshwater flows in both the sink and toilet and sanitary foot pedals provide convenient, hands-free use. End-user comfort is maximized by extra amenities such as a recirculating toilet and vanity area with sink, soap, and mirror and much more.


  • Height : 86.5"
  • Width : 61"
  • Depth : 61"
  • Weight : 286lbs
  • Door Opening : 35.5" x 73.5"