JTG Security-booth 4×4

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Rental Duration Less Than 5 Days - $599.97 Flat Rate

Rental Duration 1 to 3 months     - $599.97 Per Month

Rental Duration 3 Months and Up - $129.99 Per Month

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Built-in A/C Unit
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Baseboard Heater
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Caster Wheels
$9.99 short term/month
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Product Description

Safe. Secure. Convenient. Built from the ground up, we design, manufacture, and assemble our booths, and rent them directly to you - we pass the savings right onto you at remarkably competitive prices.


  • Double layer of durable aluminum panels
  • Filled with weather-resistant foam insulation
  • Engineered for maximum natural lighting
  • Large door opening with window
  • Full-size 36" tall sliding windows
  • 4" Roof overhang all around
  • Galvanized diamond floor plate
  • Solid steel base frame
  • Spacious interior
  • Built-in desk with drawer
  • Door knob with lock and key
  • Bright ceiling light for nighttime
  • Two 110V outlets and light switch
  • Easily powered with standard extension cord
  • Forkliftable base frame
  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Hand sanitizer in all units
  • Moderate weight - heavy enough for stability, light enough to relocate as needed.