JTG Urinal Unit

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Rental Duration 3 Months and Up - $249 Per Month

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Hand Wash Station(with soap)
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$85 long term/month
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Foam Sanitizer stand
$99 short term/month
$85 long term/month
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$14.95 short term/month
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  • A convenient walk-through shell
  • Two 70-gallon urinal trough waste tanks
  • Multiple service ports located inside the unit at either end of both trough tanks
  • Perfect for high traffic special events
  • Hand sanitizer in all units

Product Description

Looking for a solution to backed-up lines at concerts, races or other special events where adult beverages are consumed? Check out the Urinal Unit. Built within the shell of an Enhanced Access Unit (EAU), this portable restroom can service up to four men comfortably at one time. The trough tanks mimic expensive plumbed troughs found in many arenas and stadiums at a fraction of the cost.


  • Length : 61"
  • Width : 61"
  • Height : 86.5"
  • Weight : 290lb