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Our restroom trailers for rent provide a sophisticated and convenient solution for various events and occasions. With a diverse range of options, our offerings cater to customers' needs, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic restroom experience in any location you need. Our trailers have modern amenities, including air conditioning, hot running water, and high-quality fixtures. Our product lineup accommodates various capacities, from compact units for smaller gatherings to luxurious trailers with multiple stalls for larger events.

All Stations

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 12'
  • 2Station Trailers

  • For 101-150 Persons
7' x 8'
upto 125 persons

JohntoGo Advantages: Elevating Events with Luxurious Mobile Restrooms

John to Go brings luxury to outdoor events with our upscale mobile restrooms. Simply provide the location, and we'll deliver a bathroom trailer that elevates your gathering. Experience unmatched convenience and comfort with our services.

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 14'
  • 3Station Trailers

  • For 150-250 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 15'
  • 5Station Trailers

  • For 200-399 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 18'
  • 8Station Trailers

  • For 400-650 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' x 25'
  • 10Station Trailers

  • For 500-1150 Persons
  • Sink Trailer

  • Up to 1,000 People
8' X 18'
  • an icon of SinkHot & Cold Water
  • an icon of mirrorMirrors
  • an icon of mirrorPaper Dispensers
  • ADA Units
  • ADA Trailers

  • Person Number varies
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink5 Sinks
  • an icon of stall5 Stalls
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink3 Sinks
  • an icon of stall3 Stalls
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink1 Sink
  • an icon of stall1 Stall

Restroom Trailers Features

Our restroom trailers come with a plethora of features, including:

  • Multiple Restroom Stalls: Restroom trailers boast numerous restroom stalls, providing separate facilities for men and women, ensuring privacy and convenience for users.
  • Sinks, Counters, and Vanity Areas: Equipped with sinks, counters, vanity areas with mirrors, restroom trailers offer users space to freshen up.
  • Flushable Toilets: Restroom trailers come with foot-operated flushable toilets, offering a more sanitary and comfortable experience than traditional portable toilets.
  • Running Water: All restroom trailers feature running water, facilitating easy handwashing. This can be provided through a plumbing system or onboard water tanks.
  • Ventilation and Climate Control: Equipped with ventilation systems to maintain a fresh environment and ensure proper air circulation, restroom trailers also feature climate control systems, including air conditioning and heating, to provide users with a comfortable experience regardless of the weather.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting: Bright light fixtures are installed inside and outside the restroom trailers to ensure users’ visibility and safety, particularly in dimly lit or nighttime settings.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Services: We offer regular maintenance and cleaning services, ensuring the facilities remain clean, hygienic, and well-maintained.

Restroom Trailers Benefits

Take a look at the many benefits our restroom trailers have to offer:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Restroom trailers provide users a more comfortable and pleasant restroom experience, ensuring higher satisfaction during events or projects.
  • Improved Hygiene: With flushable toilets and running water for handwashing, restroom trailers promote improved hygiene and cleanliness compared to traditional portable toilets.
  • Professional Appearance: Restroom trailers have a more professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance than standard portable toilets, elevating the overall impression of the facilities.
  • Customizable Options: Restroom trailers offer various sizes and configurations, allowing users to choose the correct number of stalls and amenities.
  • On-Site Convenience: Placed conveniently on-site, restroom trailers eliminate the need for users to travel long distances for restroom facilities, which is particularly beneficial for remote locations or construction sites with limited access to permanent restrooms.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Portable and easily transportable, restroom trailers provide flexibility and convenience for events or projects requiring restroom facilities in multiple locations, catering to diverse needs.

Restroom Trailers Uses

Versatile and adaptable, restroom trailers can be used in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Outdoor Events: Restroom trailers are a staple at outdoor events such as weddings, concerts, festivals, sporting events, and fairs, providing convenient and comfortable restroom facilities for event attendees.
  • Construction Sites: Commonly utilized at construction sites where permanent restroom facilities may be impractical, restroom trailers offer clean and sanitary options for workers, contributing to maintaining hygiene and productivity on-site.
  • Movie and TV Productions: Frequently used on movie and TV sets, restroom trailers provide portable restroom facilities for cast and crew members and can be easily moved between different filming locations.
  • Corporate Events: Suitable for corporate events like conferences, trade shows, and company picnics, restroom trailers offer a more upscale and professional restroom solution than traditional portable toilets.
  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Situations: Deployable in disaster-stricken areas or emergencies, restroom trailers provide temporary restroom facilities for individuals affected by natural disasters or other emergencies.
  • Remote Locations: Ideal for remote locations without permanent restroom facilities, restroom trailers are used in campsites, national parks, construction sites in remote areas, and outdoor adventure locations.
  • Sporting Events: Commonly used at sporting events, including marathons, golf tournaments, and outdoor recreational activities, restroom trailers offer convenient and comfortable restroom options for participants and spectators.
  • Concerts and Music Festivals: A popular choice for music festivals and concerts, restroom trailers ensure attendees can access clean and well-maintained restroom facilities throughout the event.
  • Government and Military Applications: Utilized by government agencies, military bases, and disaster response teams during operations or training exercises, restroom trailers offer temporary restroom solutions in remote or temporary locations.
  • Temporary Building Renovations: During building renovations or construction projects when permanent restroom facilities are out of service, restroom trailers provide occupants or workers access to sanitary restroom facilities, ensuring continuity during the renovation period.

Restroom Trailers Pricing

At John To Go, we prioritize affordability in our restroom trailer rental options, ensuring budget-friendly solutions tailored to specific needs. While exact pricing varies based on factors like trailer size, required features, and rental duration, our website makes the process seamless, offering an easy-to-use platform for instant quotes.

For your convenience, our customer service team can provide detailed pricing information and product recommendations for your specific needs. Our live agents are available 24/7 to assist with any questions. With competitive pricing, no hidden fees, and a last-minute cancellation policy, John To Go strives to deliver transparent and customer-friendly rental experiences.

Why Rent Restroom Trailers from John To Go

Renting restroom trailers from John To Go provides distinctive benefits and features that truly set them apart. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide budget-friendly options tailored to individual needs. Our restroom trailers offer comfort and hygiene beyond traditional portable toilets, featuring multiple stalls, sinks, climate control, and many upscale amenities.

Our dedication to flexibility and convenience makes us stand out in the industry. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements, offering customizable options to ensure the perfect fit for any event or project. Whether it’s a wedding, construction site, or an outdoor festival, our restroom trailers provide a premium solution that combines practicality, cleanliness, and a commitment to meeting the unique needs of their customers.

Rent Restroom Trailers Near Me

We offer restroom trailer rentals in strategic locations for your convenience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends nationwide, and we strive to accommodate rentals in various regions. Restroom trailer rentals are available throughout the country.

Restroom Trailer FAQs

What is a bathroom trailer?

A bathroom trailer is a portable facility providing bathroom amenities in various settings. It typically includes single or multiple individual stalls with flushable toilets, sinks, and other features to offer a comfortable and hygienic experience.

What size is a toilet trailer?

Toilet trailers come in various sizes, ranging from compact units with one or two stalls suitable for smaller gatherings to larger trailers with eight, ten, or more stations designed to accommodate larger crowds. The size depends on the event or location’s setup and capacity requirements.

What is a porta potty called?

A porta potty, a colloquial term for a portable toilet or restroom, represents a standalone, self-contained unit equipped with a toilet bowl and a tank for waste disposal. Widely utilized in outdoor events, construction sites, and locations lacking permanent restroom facilities, porta-potties offer convenient solutions.

In contrast, restroom trailers, also portable, provide a more spacious and feature-rich alternative. Unlike the compact design of porta potties, restroom trailers often include multiple stalls, amenities, and a more comfortable environment, making them suitable for events where a higher level of comfort and facilities is desired

What is a toilet truck?

A toilet truck has a tank and vacuum system to pump out and transport liquid waste from portable toilets, septic tanks, or other sanitation facilities. These trucks play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of portable restroom facilities at various locations.