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Water-Filled Barriers

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Water-Filled Barriers for Construction Sites, Security, and Traffic Control

John To Go water-filled barriers represent a pioneering solution in flood control, water management, construction, and crowd control, offering an innovative and robust defense against the challenges of changing weather patterns, flooding, and security-related concerns.

These barriers are crucial in enhancing construction site security and effective crowd control. Demonstrating John To Go's commitment to delivering versatile, effective, and efficient solutions, these barriers excel in various applications. They are particularly effective in construction sites for reliable perimeter control, serve as temporary barricades to enhance security measures, and are adaptable for optimized traffic control due to their easily deployable design. Their versatility and efficiency make John To Go water-filled barriers essential assets in various settings, ensuring safety and stability in the face of diverse challenges.

Features of Water-Filled Barriers

The features of John To Go water-filled barriers include robust construction, versatility in applications, and effectiveness in flood control, water management, construction site security, and crowd control, making them indispensable assets in safeguarding lives, properties, and infrastructure from the potentially destructive impact of water-related disasters and other security-related concerns.

  • Simple-to-use interlocking system: Utilizes a coupler to connect the units
  • Easily stackable and transportable: Streamlining logistics, these barriers can be easily stacked and transported to various locations.
  • Easy fill and drain capability: Transforms barriers from lightweight and transportable to dependable and heavy-duty.
  • Forklift Access: Integrated forklift access simplifies the installation and relocation, enhancing the barriers' usability.
  • Option for Added Fencing: The barriers we provide offer the valuable feature of adding fencing above them, enhancing security and control for construction sites, events, or restricted areas. The setup includes designated points atop the barriers where fencing can securely click into place, providing an integrated and effective solution for enhanced perimeter control.

Benefits of Water-filled Barriers

The benefits of John To Go water-filled barriers encompass their groundbreaking effectiveness in water management, construction site security, and crowd control, providing versatile solutions that safeguard lives, properties, and infrastructure from the potentially destructive impact of water-related disasters and other security-related concerns.

  • Durability: Crafted from high-density polyethylene, ensuring robust resilience against external forces and weather conditions.
  • Portability: These barriers are stackable for easy transportation, allowing efficient movement to various locations.
  • Ease of Setup: User-friendly design facilitates quick and hassle-free setup, ensuring prompt deployment for diverse applications.
  • Versatile Applications: These barriers serve multiple purposes, acting as a longitudinal barrier, fencing solution, facilitator of road closures, implementer of lane closures, and effective indicators of work zones.

Water-Filled Barriers Specifications

Water-filled barrier dimensions, designed for optimal efficiency and security, are:

  • Length : 6 feet
  • Width: 11
  • Height: 32 inches

Additional Product Benefits

Additional product benefits of John To Go water-filled barriers encompass their ease of deployment, eco-friendly materials, reusability, and low maintenance requirements, contributing to their overall cost-effectiveness and sustainability in flood control, water management, construction site security, and crowd control applications.

  • Impact Resistance: These barriers exhibit high resistance to impact, ensuring durability and longevity even in challenging environments.
  • Flexibility: Designed with a flexible yet sturdy construction, these barriers can adapt to different terrains and contours, providing versatile application options.
  • Visibility: Enhanced visibility features contribute to increased safety, making these barriers easily noticeable in various settings, whether for traffic control or event management.

How to Calculate the Quantity of John To Go Water-filled Barriers You Need

Determining the right quantity of John To Go water-filled barriers for your project is crucial for adequate protection. Follow these steps to accurately determine the number of John To Go water-filled barriers needed for your project:

  • Measure the Total Length: Start by measuring the total length of the area that needs to be enclosed or protected by the barriers.
  • Understand Barrier Dimensions: Each John To Go water-filled barrier is 6 feet long. Keeping this uniform size in mind is crucial for an accurate calculation.
  • Calculate the Quantity: To determine the number of barriers needed, divide the total length of the area by 6 feet (the length of one barrier). For example, if the area to be covered is 120 feet, you will need 20 barriers (120 feet ÷ 6 feet per barrier = 20 barriers).
  • Account for Corners and Curves: In areas with corners or curves, it might be necessary to add extra barriers to ensure continuous coverage and effectiveness.
  • Adjust for Specific Requirements: Depending on your project's unique needs, such as uneven terrain or specific safety guidelines, you may need to adjust the number of barriers slightly. For instance, specific projects might require tighter security or more robust crowd control, influencing the total number needed.

By taking these steps, you can accurately estimate the number of John To Go water-filled barriers necessary to manage and protect your designated area securely.

Placement or Pickup Information

Placement and pickup is a breeze when you use John To Go:


  • Effortless Drop-off: Enjoy the convenience of effortless drop-off of water-filled barriers at your desired locations with our service. Ensure barriers are correctly positioned according to your project requirements.
  • Stress-Free Setup: Experience stress-free setup as barriers are strategically placed for optimal effectiveness, addressing spacing and any specific project needs.
  • Filling Assistance: Simply indicate your preferred placement, and we will fill the barriers with water, following manufacturer guidelines.


  • Seamless Pickup Process: When your project is complete, we handle the pickup seamlessly, draining and disconnecting the barriers for you.
  • No Hassle Transportation: Rest easy knowing that we not only drop off but also ensure a hassle-free pickup and transportation process, making the entire experience smooth and convenient.

Water-Filled Barriers with Fence

Experience an elevated level of security and control by opting for John To Go's innovative combination of water-filled barriers with fence panels. This integrated solution offers enhanced perimeter protection for construction sites, events, or restricted areas. The synergy of water-filled barriers and fence panels provides visual deterrence and allows for controlled access points, optimizing overall security measures. Versatile and adaptable, this combination is a comprehensive solution for various scenarios, ensuring a robust yet flexible barrier system tailored to specific project requirements.

Water-Filled Barriers Near Me

If you're searching for a reliable “water-filled barriers rental near me,” look no further. John To Go proudly provides water-filled barriers in critical locations, including New York and Florida. Our commitment to customer service extends to other areas, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs, ensuring you have access to top-notch water-filled barriers no matter your location. Trust John To Go for quality and convenience in securing your projects with water-filled barriers near you.

Dimensions of Water-Filled Barriers

For those seeking precise details, the dimensions of John To Go water-filled barriers are tailored for practical use. The water-filled barriers dimensions boast a height of 32 inches, a length spanning 6 feet, and a width of 18 inches. The weight, especially when filled with water, ensures stability and robustness, contributing to their reliable performance. Trust in our water-filled barriers dimensions to meet your specific project requirements.

John To Go Water-Filled Barriers for Rent

Explore the convenience and flexibility of renting John To Go water-filled barriers for your projects. Our water-filled barriers for rent options offer a cost-effective solution, allowing you to access premium barriers without the commitment of purchasing. Whether you have a short-term project or dynamic needs, our water-filled barriers for rent provide a practical and efficient way to secure your site with top-quality water-filled barriers. Trust John To Go for accessible and adaptable solutions to meet your temporary barrier requirements.

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