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Portable Toilets

John To Go provides a comprehensive service package for hassle-free and hygienic portable restrooms, perfect for outdoor events or construction sites. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in delivering, setting up, and regularly maintaining clean and reliable portable toilets. Equipped with essential amenities like hand sanitizers and proper ventilation, our portable restrooms prioritize cleanliness and user satisfaction.

Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets for Rent

JTG ADA-Compliant Portable Toilet

The John To Go ADA-Compliant Portable Toilet redefines accessibility, meeting ADA requirements with an extra-wide doorway, spacious interior, and integrated handrails for enhanced support and stability for individuals with mobility challenges.

Purple Porta Potty: JTG Construction Unit

The Purple Construction Porta Potty by J2G offers a reliable and vibrant on-site sanitation solution, combining durability, a distinctive aesthetic with a vivid purple color for easy visibility, and user-friendly facilities for a comfortable user experience.

JTG Premium Event Unit

The John To Go Premium Event Unit elevates portable sanitation standards with its meticulous design and modern appearance, ensuring a clean and aesthetically-pleasing restroom experience for upscale events.

JTG Hi-Rise

The JTG Hi-Rise is a specialized portable toilet for high-rise construction, featuring a sturdy sling and steel locking casters for easy transport.

JTG Ambassador Flush Deluxe

The JTG Ambassador Flush Deluxe elevates portable sanitation with an upscale design, foot-controlled flush, a freshwater sink, and a vanity area.

JTG Urinal Unit

The JTG Urinal Unit is a practical and efficient portable restroom designed for high-traffic events, accommodating up to four men simultaneously with a walk-through shell and ample waste-tank capacity.

Purple Porta Potties: JTG Lift Unit

The John To Go Lift Unit revolutionizes portable restroom solutions for multi-story job sites with its innovative design featuring a specially-designed sling unit for easy crane lifting.

JTG Ambassador Oversize Flush Porta Potty Unit

The JTG Ambassador Oversize Flush Porta Potty Unit features an upscale design, motion-activated light, foot-controlled sink, and substantial tank capacities, setting a new standard for deluxe portable restrooms.

JTG RV Pump Out Service

JTG’s RV Pump-outs cater to the specific needs of recreational vehicle owners, providing a reliable and efficient pumping service for wastewater disposal. This feature ensures a sanitary and convenient solution for RV users and their RV Pumps.

Features of Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets

Portable restrooms and portable toilets come with various features, such as:

  • Clean and Well-Maintained Units: Our portable toilets undergo meticulous maintenance, ensuring cleanliness and comfort as a priority.
  • Spacious Design for Comfort: Designed for user comfort, our portable restrooms provide ample space, making them versatile for construction sites and special events.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed with durable materials to withstand different weather conditions and frequent use.
  • Designed with Mobility in Mind: Portable restrooms are easily transportable, making them suitable for various locations, events, and construction sites.

Benefits of Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilet Services from John To Go

Portable restrooms from John To Go offer a range of benefits, making them a convenient and efficient solution for various needs. Here are the key advantages:

  • Convenient Delivery and Setup: We provide a hassle-free solution for portable restroom needs. Whether for an outdoor event, construction site, or any temporary location, their portable restrooms can be easily delivered and set up wherever needed.
  • Diverse Options: We offer diverse portable toilet options to cater to different requirements, ensuring versatility and suitability for various settings.
  • Customizable Packages: Understanding that every customer has unique needs, we provide customizable packages. This allows customers to select specific services and amenities, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Responsive Customer Support: We take pride in providing responsive customer support to promptly address queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory rental experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Renting portable restrooms from John To Go is more cost-effective than building and maintaining permanent facilities, providing economic and practical advantages.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability, we follow eco-friendly practices in our operations, contributing to responsible and green restroom solutions.

John To Go’s portable restrooms offer a comprehensive and beneficial solution, combining convenience, cleanliness, customization, and eco-friendliness to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Uses of Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets

Explore the versatile applications and practical uses of portable restrooms and toilets in various settings as we delve into the convenience and adaptability these facilities bring to outdoor events, construction sites, and temporary locations.

  • Outdoor Events: John To Go portable restrooms are popular for outdoor events, including concerts, festivals, fairs, marathons, and sporting events. Ensuring convenience and hygiene, these portable facilities cater to large crowds, providing essential amenities to enhance the overall experience of event attendees.
  • Construction Sites: In construction, John To Go portable restrooms stand as indispensable facilities. Vital for sites where access to permanent restrooms may be limited, these portable units provide convenience, ensuring workers access clean and hygienic facilities on construction sites, promoting a safer and more efficient work environment.
  • Weddings and Celebrations: Elevate the ambiance of outdoor weddings and celebrations with John To Go portable restrooms. Offering a comfortable and convenient restroom option, these facilities ensure guests can enjoy the festivities without compromising comfort. Ideal for weddings, receptions, and celebratory events, John To Go portable restrooms contribute to a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees.
  • Parks and Campgrounds: Embracing the great outdoors is made even more enjoyable with John To Go portable restrooms in parks and campgrounds. Frequently utilized to accommodate visitors, these facilities offer a practical and accessible solution, ensuring a comfortable experience for nature enthusiasts. Whether hiking, camping, or enjoying recreational activities, portable restrooms from John To Go enhance the outdoor experience in parks and campgrounds.
  • Film and TV Productions: Behind the scenes of film and TV productions, John To Go portable restrooms play a crucial role. Frequently employed on production sets, these portable facilities provide a necessary amenity for the cast and crew. Ensuring convenience and maintaining a productive environment, John To Go portable restrooms contribute to the smooth operation of film and TV productions.
  • Disaster Relief and Emergency Situations: In times of disaster relief and emergencies, where access to proper restroom facilities is limited, John To Go portable restrooms serve as a crucial solution. Quickly deployable, these facilities provide essential sanitary amenities for relief workers and affected individuals. Offering comfort and hygiene amidst challenging circumstances, John To Go is vital in ensuring the well-being and dignity of those navigating through emergencies.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Enhance the joy of outdoor recreation with John To Go portable restrooms. From hiking trails to picnic areas and beachfront, these facilities answer the call for convenient restroom solutions in natural settings. Ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their recreational activities without compromising comfort, John To Go portable restrooms provide a seamless and enjoyable experience outdoors.

Why Rent Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets from John To Go

Renting portable restrooms and toilets from John To Go offers unparalleled cleanliness, versatility, and customer-centric features. With a commitment to hygiene, each unit undergoes rigorous cleaning, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. John To Go provides diverse options tailored to different needs, ensuring suitability for events, construction sites, and more. Customizable packages allow clients to select specific services, while responsive customer support ensures a smooth rental experience. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, John To Go sets the standard for quality portable restroom solutions, making them the optimal choice for any temporary facility requirement.

Rent Portable Restrooms and Portable Toilets Near Me

Renting portable restrooms and toilets near you has never been more convenient with John To Go. Our services extend across New York, New Jersey, and Florida, although we may be able to accommodate other locations, ensuring accessibility and availability wherever you need them. Whether you’re organizing an event, managing a construction site, or requiring temporary facilities for any purpose, John To Go’s portable restroom solutions are readily accessible, providing you with the cleanliness, versatility, and reliability that our brand is renowned for.

About Portable Restrooms

What are portable bathrooms called?

Portable bathrooms are commonly referred to by various names, including “portable toilets,” “porta-potties,” “portable restrooms,” or simply “portables.” These terms are often used interchangeably to describe self-contained, movable structures designed for temporary use as restroom facilities in various settings such as events, construction sites, or outdoor locations where permanent facilities may be unavailable.

What is an example of a portable toilet?

An example of a portable toilet is the “Porta-Potty,” a term often used generically to refer to portable toilets. Porta-Potty is derived from the company Porta-Potty, which popularized these portable restroom units. Other examples of portable toilets include units from companies like John To Go, which offers a variety of portable restroom solutions for different purposes, such as events, construction sites, and outdoor activities.

What is the difference between a portable toilet and portable restroom?

The terms “portable toilet” and “portable restroom” are often used interchangeably, but they can have slightly different connotations depending on context. Generally, both refer to self-contained, movable structures designed for temporary use as restroom facilities. However, “portable toilets” are more specific and may imply a single-unit facility, often used at events or construction sites. On the other hand, “portable restroom” is a broader term that can encompass larger, multi-unit facilities with additional amenities suitable for various settings and needs. The choice of terminology can vary regionally or within specific industries.

What is a standard portable toilet?

A standard portable toilet is a self-contained, single-unit structure designed for temporary use as a restroom facility. It typically consists of a small, enclosed space with a toilet bowl, a toilet paper dispenser, and a door for privacy. Standard portable toilets are commonly used at events, construction sites, outdoor gatherings, and other locations where permanent restroom facilities are unavailable. They are designed to be easily transportable, and their simplicity makes them practical for various temporary needs.

Porta Potties Near Me

To support your search for "porta potties near me," John To Go delivers exceptional local porta potty rentals that emphasize cleanliness and reliability, extending well beyond basic amenities. Our comprehensive service package, from initial inquiry to final pickup, ensures a seamless experience, catering to various needs and budgets. With John To Go, you gain more than just a portable restroom—you secure a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.