JTG ADA Handicapped Unit

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Hand Wash Station (with soap)
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Foam Sanitizer stand
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Product Description
The ADA Handicapped Accessible Unit ensures the comfort of those with special needs... The extra-wide doorway allows easy wheelchair access. The interior features sturdy, reinforced safety bars for support during transfer from wheelchair to toilet. The added features and large interior also make the ADA perfect for the elderly and parents with small children or strollers. The ADA Handicapped Accessible Unit is 100% ADA compliant. Its door size (height and width), handrails (height and width), interior turning radius, door closing speed, ramping requirements and direct side transfer from wheelchair to seat all comply with ADA requirements.

Features & Specifications

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Translucent roof for improved lighting
  • Door mounted mirror and handle
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Large seat for comfort
  • Interior Safety Bars
  • Interior lock
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • 100% ADA Compliant
  • Hight: 90.75"
  • Width 62"
  • Depth 62"