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Purple Porta Potty: JTG Construction Unit

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Product Info


  • Roomy porta potty trailer interior
  • Generous ventilation
  • Translucent roof for bright interior
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Interior lock
  • Hand sanitizer in all units
  • Non-splash urinals

Product Description

The John To Go construction unit features a clean and well-maintained portable toilet and porta potty. The standard John To Go porta potty trailer is the highest quality construction restroom in the market. For your comfort, we use only the best cleaning and deodorizing chemicals on the market.

Our high level of service and capability to accommodate any size group or function, makes John To Go the leader in the porta potty trailer industry.

Additional Product Benefits

Utilizing the JTG Construction Unit portable toilet on your construction site as a port o potty rental will also bring you a range of additional benefits.

This porta potty is simple, sturdy, spacious, and accommodating.

It’s a perfect option for residential construction, and for setting up at construction jobs involving new construction homes NJ, road construction, commercial construction sites, and more.

Specs / Setup Information

  • Unit Dimensions: Height : 92" height, 46" width, 48" depth

Other Products That May Be Of Interest

Consider these other options, which are often added as quality additions when people order JTG Construction Units.

JTG Freshwater Tank

This freshwater tank makes it easy to get the water you need, even on site where fresh, running water isn’t available.

It’s a 350 gallon freshwater tank that gets refilled upon servicing.

Need water on your jobsite, but aren’t sure where to get it? Consider these construction site water tanks as rentals along with your construction portable toilet as a solution to the problem.

JTG Foam Sanitizer Stand

This foam sanitizer stand makes it easy to provide hand sanitizer to your crew, regardless of how many people are stationed on your site.

It provides enough sanitizer to santize up to 5,300 individuals. Plus, we refill it at servicing.

  The foam kills 99% of germs, making it an awesome option for locations where access to a sink and soap just isn’t available or reliable.

Where Should You Place Your JTG Construction Units?

You should place your construction porta potty units:

  • In a centralized location that’s easily accessible
  • Where large equipment or materials won’t present a danger to users

Where delivery and servicing can be accomplished without requiring you to cease your normal everyday site processes

How To Calculate How Many Units You’ll Need

As a general rule, you’ll want at least 1 porta potty available per 10 workers per standard 40/work week.

This will help you to avoid the problem of overuse, which may subtract from convenience and sanitation.

JTG Offers Many Benefits To Construction Companies

Great Customer Service

Our customer service agents are standing by to help you with any questions, queries, concerns, or issues you may have.

We’re just a phone call away. And in this business, that means something. Speak to a real, live person every time you have a question or an issue.

Extra Servicing Available

Our dedicated team can be relied on to thoroughly clean, stock, and service your portable toilet without issue. We regularly service porta potties once per week for long-term rentals. But you can always contact us with questions about extra servicing if you need more help maintaining your units.

Fast Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering JTG Construction Units where you need them, quickly. We know that when you need them, you need them. And we’ll have them there fast.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Our customers regularly rave about how easy it is to find a cheap portable toilet option that actually works with John To Go.

Don’t settle for inconvenient or difficult options. Let us help you make portable toilet rental simple.

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