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Temporary Fencing for Construction Sites, Security, and Traffic Control

If you’re searching for a “temporary fencing rental near me, “ look no further than John To Go. John To Go provides solutions for construction sites, events, and various applications, combining reliable temporary fencing with restroom services. Our versatile fencing enhances safety by delineating construction zones, offers reliable barriers for event security, and guides traffic for organized flow. With a commitment to adaptability and reliability, we streamline your needs, ensuring the security and safety of temporary spaces. This integrated approach makes John To Go the go-to choice for diverse applications, offering a comprehensive and efficient solution for construction, security, and traffic management challenges.

Temporary Fencing Features

Discover the exceptional features that set John To Go’s temporary fencing apart in the industry:

  • Repositions Easily for Extended Use: The fencing system is designed for easy repositioning, allowing for extended use and flexibility in adapting to different needs.
  • Designed With High-Grade Materials: Conforming to safety regulations, our high-grade temporary fence ensures durability and reliability, meeting industry standards for quality and safety.
  • Ease of Installation: Experience quick and efficient setup with hassle-free installation, making it an ideal temporary fencing solution for various scenarios.
  • Choice of Panel Sizes: Select from various panel sizes to match your requirements.
  • Secure Connectors: Utilize secure connectors to easily attach panels, ensuring a stable and cohesive fencing setup that can be extended as much as needed. This feature provides flexibility and adaptability to accommodate varying lengths and layouts for your temporary fencing requirements.
  • Secure Footing Without Digging: Enjoy the convenience of secure footing without digging, simplifying the installation process.
  • Optional Sand Bags for Extra Stability: Enhance stability with optional sandbags, providing an extra layer of security in challenging outdoor conditions.
  • Privacy Screen Options: Choose from various privacy screen options to meet your specific preferences and requirements.

Temporary Fencing Benefits

  • Panel Dimensions: Temporary fencing panels are available in 2 different sizes to cater to diverse space and project requirements:
    6 feet high by 12 feet long
    8 feet high by 10 feet long

Additional Product Benefits

Discover the advantages that make John To Go’s temporary fencing the optimal choice, extending beyond the basics:

  • Weather Resistance: Temporary fencing can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliability and performance in diverse environments.
  • Portability: They are easy to transport and set up, offering flexibility for temporary fencing needs in different locations.
  • Safety Regulation Compliance: Designed with a focus on safety, our fencing adheres to regulations, providing peace of mind for users and ensuring a secure environment.

Other Products that May be of Interest

Explore a range of products that enhance your temporary fencing experience with John To Go:

  • Barricade Fencing:

    Versatile barricade fencing solutions suitable for crowd control and event management. Offers a robust barrier system for organizing and directing crowds during events, maintaining order and safety.

  • Water-Filled Barriers:

    Portable and efficient barriers filled with water for enhanced stability and security. Ideal for traffic control and construction sites, providing a reliable and easily deployable solution with added weight for stability.

How to Calculate the Quantity of John To Go Temporary Fencing Panels You Need

Easily determine the right amount of John To Go temporary fencing panels for your project with these simple steps:

  • Measure the Length: Measure the total length of the area you need to fence.
  • Calculate Panels Needed: Divide the total length of the area you want to fence by the desired spacing, ensuring consecutive placement of panels with no space in between. For example, if using 6'L x 12'H panels or 8'L x 10'H panels, divide the total length by the chosen panel length. Round the answer up to the closest whole number for a precise count.
  • Account for Corners and Gates: If your project includes corners or gates, factor these in separately for accurate calculations.
  • Adjust for Specific Requirements: Consider any unique aspects of your project, such as uneven terrain, and adjust the quantity accordingly.

With these straightforward steps, you can easily determine the quantity of John To Go temporary fencing required for your project, ensuring a seamless and effective solution.

Placement or Pickup Information

Ensure a hassle-free experience with John To Go temporary fencing by following these simple guidelines for placement and pickup:


  • Optimal Positioning: You can rely on John To Go's expertise to strategically advise you on the best positioning of temporary fencing for maximum effectiveness, considering site layout and specific project requirements.
  • Secure Panels Properly: We’ll handle the setup and ensure that panels are securely connected, creating a stable and continuous barrier, providing you with peace of mind regarding the security of your fencing.
  • Stability Enhancement: For increased stability of temporary fencing, sandbags can be strategically placed at the base of the panels to act as additional weights, anchoring the fencing in place and preventing it from swaying or toppling when subjected to external forces.


  • Prepare for Pickup: Clear the area around the temporary fencing panels to facilitate quick and efficient pickup.
  • Communication with John To Go: Coordinate with us for a scheduled pickup, ensuring timely removal of the temporary fencing.
  • Safe Dismantling: Our dedicated personnel ensures a safe and efficient dismantling process, handling the removal of fencing entirely and efficiently, providing a hassle-free experience for you.

Temporary Fencing Rental

Explore the convenience and advantages of opting for John To Go temporary fencing rental services. With flexible and cost-effective rental options, customers enjoy significant benefits. Choosing temporary fencing rental over purchasing provides a cost-efficient solution, allowing for substantial savings, especially for short-term projects or events. The flexibility of rental agreements ensures adaptability to project timelines and varying needs without the commitment of ownership. Additionally, clients benefit from hassle-free maintenance as we take care of the installation, upkeep, and removal, streamlining the process and allowing customers to focus on their core objectives. Embrace the efficiency and convenience of temporary fencing rental for a seamless and budget-friendly solution to your project's security and safety requirements.

Temporary Fencing Near Me

Locating John To Go temporary fencing near your location is a seamless process with our widespread distribution network, including the NY tri-state area and South Florida. Whether you're planning a construction project, event, or any temporary space requiring fencing solutions, our expanded network ensures convenient access. Simply search for "temporary fencing near me" to explore the closest locations, providing quick and efficient access to reliable temporary fencing solutions tailored to your needs.

Temporary Fencing Ideas

For renters of temporary fencing panels, several creative and practical ideas can enhance the usability and effectiveness of temporary fencing panels. Here are some suggestions:

  • Customized Signage and Branding: Utilize the temporary fencing as a canvas for branding or advertising. This can be especially useful for businesses or events, where banners or signs can be attached to the fencing to promote a brand or provide information.
  • Decorative Covers: For aesthetic purposes, especially at events like weddings or festivals, renters can use decorative covers or fabric to drape over the fencing. This not only hides the industrial look of the fencing but also adds to the event's ambiance.
  • Lighting Enhancements: For evening or night-time events, string lights or LED strips can be attached to the fencing to provide ambient lighting and enhance the atmosphere.
  • Safety Signage and Directions: For practical purposes, the fencing can display safety information, directional signage, or event rules to guide and inform attendees.
  • Themed Decorations: For themed events, the fencing can be decorated accordingly. For example, attach nets, starfish, or seashells for a beach-themed party to complement the theme.

These ideas can help renters of temporary fencing panels maximize their utility while catering to their project or event's specific requirements and aesthetics.

Temporary Fencing for Construction

Elevate your construction projects with the unmatched benefits of John To Go temporary fencing. Ensuring paramount safety, our temporary fencing for construction creates a secure perimeter, safeguarding both workers and equipment. The construction site becomes efficiently organized with precise access control, minimizing risks and enhancing overall project safety.

Choose the reliability and effectiveness of our temporary fencing for construction, a solution tailored to meet the industry's unique demands.

Temporary Fencing for Renters

Experience the convenience and flexibility of John To Go temporary fencing for renters. Our temporary fencing for renters caters to the temporary nature of rental properties, offering easy installation and versatile applications for securing temporary living spaces. Renters benefit from the adaptability of our fencing, providing a reliable yet temporary barrier that ensures security without the commitment of a permanent structure.

Temporary Fencing Panels Offered by John To Go

Discover the features of John To Go’s temporary fencing panels, designed for versatility and durability. These panels are crafted from high-quality materials and suit various applications, including construction sites, events, and crowd control. The robust design ensures reliability in securing spaces effectively, making our temporary fencing panels ideal for a wide range of temporary needs.

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