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Product Info


  • Designed exclusively for high rise construction projects
  • Highly portable
  • Strong steel frame and tough polyethylene construction
  • Equipped with a sturdy sling for lifting with a crane
  • Tough steel locking casters
  • Hand sanitizer in all units

Product Description

The Hi-Riser is a self-contained and highly portable unit that goes where the work is. Explicitly designed for high-rise construction, the unit rolls into construction elevators with its tough steel castors and is easily lifted by a crane with a sturdy sling. The durable exterior provides privacy and stands up to the rigors of construction. Hi rise portable restroom units save time and money by placing the toilet close to the work area.


  • Height : 69"
  • Width : 33"
  • Depth : 53"

Additional Product Benefits

The construction of commercial hi-rise buildings requires special restroom needs. Without high rise construction toilets, workers and contractors on top floors would have to leave their work and return to the ground floor to use the restroom—every time.

The inconveniences of this arrangement would result in a loss of time and money that would slow the progress of construction. And that's why John To Go offers the JTG Hi-Rise Unit — so workers can do their business no matter what floor they are on.

JTG Hi-Rise Unit offers several benefits as a reliable high rise porta potty specifically designed to meet your high-rise construction needs.

  • Because of their compact design, hi rise portable restroom units can easily be lifted by a crane and moved through elevators.
  • These special construction toilets come with four heavy-duty lockable casters that make it easy to move around on a work site.
  • Hi rise toilets come with a sturdy sling that makes it easy for crane hooks to connect with.
  • This rolling porta potty is strong and sturdy yet light-weighted and accommodating, with its tough exterior providing privacy.

Other Products You Might Find Interesting

When in a situation that you require construction site restrooms, there are other quality products that may enhance your porta potty experience as add-ons to our construction portable toilets:

1. JTG Construction Unit

The JTG construction unit is your best option for construction projects that involve construction workers working at or close to the ground level. This construction toilet is simple, easy to clean, and very accommodating. Its roomy interior provides comfort and convenience for workers and contractors.

2. JTG Hand wash station (with soap)

At a busy construction site, where water is scarce and having clean hands is essential, the JTG hand wash station is the best sanitation option. The Fresh Hand Wash Station offers 200 hand washings and an 8-1/2 ounce metered wash.

The Fresh Hand Wash Station is delivered to your location ready for use. And it offers you and your workers an unmatched degree of comfort and convenience.

3. JTG Foam Sanitizer Stand

The JTG Foam Sanitizer Stand also makes it easy for anyone working in an area where there isn’t running water. No soap or water is needed to protect you and your workers from germs and bacteria, and you can simply set up this sanitizer stand beside your porta John potty.

The foam kills 99% of dangerous germs and is perfect for high-traffic sites, providing enough hand sanitizer for over 5,300 uses while leaving no waste behind to dispose of.

Where Should You Place Your John To Go Construction Hi Rise Portable Restroom Units?

Here are some placement tips for your John To Go construction hi rise portable restroom units:

  • Place them on a clean, level surface away from high traffic areas.
  • Keep them on floors where active construction is taking place for easy access.
  • Store them near elevators so they are easy to relocate on demand.
  • Put them against a solid structure like a wall for stability.
  • Lock the casters when you're not moving the porta potty.

How To Calculate How Many Units You’ll Need

As a general rule of thumb, you need at least one portable construction toilet per 10 people for long working hours. So, if you have 50 workers, you'll need to rent four or five porta john potties.

Renting enough construction portable toilets will help you avoid overcrowding problems and give your workers the comfort and convenience they need.

John To Go: Your One-Stop Shop for Hi Rise Portable Restroom Units

John To Go has years of experience and expertise as a service-based company providing the best construction hi rise portable restroom units around. Here are some reasons why you should make John To Go your next porta-potty partner.

1. Easy reservations with 24/7 support

We take the utmost pride in serving people and ensuring they have everything they need to succeed with their projects. We offer an online price-quote-order system to make the process smooth and streamlined.

At John To Go, we do our best to meet your needs even if you reach out to us at the last minute or need something specific to your situation. This is one of the reasons we have a 98% customer retention rate!

We have a real-live person waiting to answer all your questions and concerns regarding porta potties rentals at any time of the day—reach out via chat 24/7 today!

2. Reliable delivery

At John To Go, you can schedule your hi rise toilets pickup or delivery at a time that works well for your schedule. We have a committed and competent team that will deliver the rolling porta potty unit to your site, set it up, and provide you with the best experience possible.

We accommodate your schedule for delivery or pickup and waste no time in delivering your hi rise toilet units when you need them!

3. Well-supplied porta potty units

Our hi rise portable restroom units are always clean, comfortable, and easy to use. Our rolling porta potty units are thoroughly cleaned with the porta potty solution and well equipped with all the supplies you need to keep your employees happy and comfortable!

4. Competitive cost

Are you concerned about the cost of a hi rise portable restroom unit? We offer the best prices! Our affordable pricing options let you rent your hi rise portable restroom units without breaking the bank. And when you rent our units for long-term use, we offer discounted pricing and weekly maintenance at no cost!

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 by Liz Marcello

friendly staff, on-time delivery and pick up, very excellent service

 by Luigi Merli

Well we had to cancel because of the Nor’easter. But your entire staff was professional, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful!

 by Laurie Lieberman

Briendy was always available and helpful with all questions. Delivery and instructions were clear and helpful. I would recommend and use your services again! Thank you.

 by Michael Riordan

Great definitely order again 👍👍👍👍

 by Rolston Thorne

This is the 2nd time I'm using 5his company, and I will continue to use them. They were on time and on piont.

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