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Micro Events: Less Is More

When the situation of COVID-19 hit certain companies terribly, they had to come up with new and innovative ideas to host engaging events. That is where micro events come into play. Micro events really imply the less is more concept, where you can offer attendees exclusivity and a chance to connect with others on a smaller scale, in a way that creates a far more personal and meaningful experience.

This idea is not entirely new. People hosted small-scale events online before the pandemic too. However, the idea has since then grown with both virtual and physical versions.

But, understanding what micro events are can be a bit confusing to some. This article will briefly explain micro events and how you can plan them.

What are Micro Events?

Simply put, instead of hosting full-day or large-scale events, with micro events you limit the gathering size and connect with a small group of individuals on a more specific agenda. For example, if you have a business conference meeting, you sit down with 10-15 of your associates and engage with them on a personal level. This helps keep things simple, cheap, and a lot more focused.

Webinars, live streams, and Zoom meetings have become evidently popular in recent times. Companies and brands have shifted to micro events because they believe in delivering big by going small. These events offer numerous benefits for the organizers. For one, they allow an extended reach that wouldn’t be possible with just in-person gatherings. Another thing is that it’s hassle-free. You might have accommodated your guests from different countries and increased the overall costs. Now, you can simply connect with them either online (or in person), making it easier for them and you!

If you’ve ever attended a big gathering, you might have felt overwhelmed. Sure, these gatherings allow a chance to mix at large. However, if they are too big, they can turn out to be less effective and less productive.

In circumstances like these, micro events are adequate. Especially after the pandemic, most companies are forced to build in this exclusivity.

Benefits of Micro Events

Let’s look at some of the benefits micro events offers:

1.     Opt for Online/Offline or Both!

When hosting a micro event, it’s a good idea to opt for a hybrid setup. This includes having an online audience as well as an offline one. Since the hybrid model requires minimal setup, enabling both options or switching between them is easy. What you do online can also work for offline gatherings, and much better, in our opinion!

A simple example is an Apple event. They can opt for either online or offline with minimal setup. If they’ve decided everything for offline gathering, they can easily shift to an online gathering with the same minimal assets.

Why? It’s because transitioning to small-scale events comes in real handy for the organizer with little to no burden.

2.     Less is Always More

Now, what does less is more mean? You’ve probably heard about the less is more concept before. In our context, this refers to the fact that you can achieve considerably more if you keep your event simple.

The micro event strategy may not work for those looking to reach a large audience. However, if you’re looking to do something new and create a strong bond with your participants, this is definitely an approach you should opt for. These events help to foster an individual connection with all the attendees. That is never possible in huge gatherings.

Instead of achieving as much as you possibly can in a few hours, help them experience something they’ll never forget. Micro focus events are all about making your participants feel like they’re a part of your community. And in a smaller, more intimate setting, the setting is right for those meaningful moments to happen.

Even the smallest of things can impact us, humans. We don’t want to feel as if we’re anonymous. Everyone enjoys an event more if they actually feel like there’s a connection, because feeling like one in a million isn’t the best.

3.     Specialized Niche

Micro events help you specialize in a niche. If a business or company focuses on too much simultaneously, they can set themselves up for failure. It is because instead of having one agenda, you have many, and you might bore some participants. So instead of trying to compress a full agenda into a single program, specify your niche and attempt to connect with your gathering on those points of interest.

However, if you choose your target audience and focus on them, you can achieve much more. Micro events are a great way of keeping your audience hooked and interested. It saves you time as well as the attendees. Everything you present will be relevant to their interests.

Micro Event Planning Tips

Many things go into planning a micro event. Here are a few tips to make your experience even better!

1.     Opt for Better Venue Options

When you have an exclusive gathering, you’ll have more options for unique event venues. Whether you decide to go for an outdoor or indoor venue, you’re open to many more options, ranging from exotic gardens to the waterfront. However, you might face specific issues with this. For one, bathroom facilities can be a problem. You don’t need to worry because there’s always an option for mobile restrooms and a porta-potty cleaning service.

The comfort of your attendees should be your topmost priority during a micro event. With the pandemic still prevalent, you should keep social distancing in mind. Not everyone will be comfortable sitting so close. In this case, choose a venue that can accommodate your guests.

JTG Porta Potty rentals at an outdoor venue event

2.     Hire a Porta Potty Cleaning Service

You might be wondering what services a nice porta potty rental offers. Well, John to Go has multiple options you can choose from, such as a handwash station, foam sanitizer stand, premium event unit, and much more!

The average porta potty rental cost varies from $200 to $500. You can check out John to Go’s gallery to see the hygienic services they offer. Something to consider is the sanitary needs of your attendees. If your guests don’t have an adequate bathroom and clean facilities, they’ll be uncomfortable throughout the event.

The best part? All you need to do is look for a local porta potty rental, and John to Go will take care of the rest! You don’t either need to worry about handling these facilities during the event, as JTG has its own cleaning crew. What’s more, the hygiene levels at these facilities are maintained using porta potty chemicals for cleaning that are green and eco-friendly yet effective.

Premium Event Porta Potty Rentals being delivered

3.     Get Creative with the Format

Even though you might have a relatively reduced gathering, it doesn’t mean you need to make the format monotonous. In fact, a small gathering should encourage you to make your format more engaging and interactive. You can focus more intently on your guests since they’re fewer in number.

With such an exclusive gathering, your attendees expect you to have exciting activities planned for them. Don’t waste this chance; plan out something creative and out of this world to compete with your competition!

However, when you’re hosting hybrid events that have a small number of attendees physically present while many are connected online, ensure that your entertainment plans can work for both audiences.

NOTE: Do not forget to facilitate your physically present attendees. Invest a bit into their comfort so that they don’t feel neglected.

4.     Arrange for Food, Drink, and Handwashing Needs

Every good event needs food and drinks to keep its guests entertained and happy. That is why it’s essential to put careful consideration into the food and beverages you’re providing. While your event may be top-of-the-game, the food is what will make an everlasting impression on your guests.

At the end of every event, attendees gather while eating and discussing the whole program. If your food is poor, it may leave attendees with a poor impression of your company.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, one of the main issues your guests will face is washing their hands. Water stands aren’t commonly found outdoors, and even if they are, it’ll be pretty far. So you should rent a fancy porta potty with sink or handwashing stations to accommodate and ensure the sanitary needs of your participants.

porta potties and handwashing station at outdoor event

Final Words

Micro events have developed and become better than ever in the past few years. You wouldn’t believe that even weddings have shifted to micro event mode! Even though the pandemic took a lot away, it gave something important too. A new and innovative way to engage your audience!

Holding a small, exclusive gathering can turn out to be the most beneficial option for your company. Whereas close connections and relationships are rarely established in a large gathering, you can definitely achieve this goal with micro events.

If you implement all their elements successfully, micro events can really work in your favor! Keeping in mind your guests’ comfort levels and necessities, you can take all the required steps beforehand to avoid on-spot embarrassment and failure.

However, not every organizer is capable of shifting to micro events. That may be for various reasons such as poor planning, not enough grip on planning, etc. This article has explained its basic requirements.

What are you waiting for? Plan a micro event now and offer your guests the utmost sanitary services with John to Go porta potty rental!

row of purple porta johns and handwashing sink in Florida

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