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John To Go is a leading restroom trailer provider for close to two decades. As a family owned business, we recognize the importance of personal service in addition to reliable, top-of-the-line equipment. We service many construction sites, community centers, schools and colleges, local governments, businesses, and corporate and personal events within New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

Portaloo Rental For Different Occasions

As the country begins to reopen, many people are looking forward to attending their favorite outdoor festivals and events or hosting an outdoor barbecue or party...

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OSHA Construction Standards

When it comes to building anything you will generally need to follow the OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration) construction standards in order...

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Safety As A Priority at Construction Sites

Construction sites are full of activity with material, equipment, and vehicles moving about throughout the day. With all that happens on a construction site...

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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Productivity is important for any business, whether you only have a few employees or run an entire corporation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, poor productivity...

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8 Portable Toilet Types For Every Occasion

From construction sites and renovation projects to weddings and fundraisers, there's no shortage of venues that rely on portable toilets. While porta potties aren’t a new concept...

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Construction Water Tank for Your Work Site

When it comes to running a construction site, there's a great deal that goes into keeping operations running. Even small details can cause massive delays, such as lacking the water necessary...

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Outdoor Event Planning Checklist

There are a lot of important things to account for when planning an event. If you fail to properly address even a single aspect of the event, then one small detail can turn into a disaster...

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Plan Outdoor Holiday Parties For Labor Day

Everyone loves an outdoor party. There’s nothing like getting together with friends or colleagues, cracking open some cold drinks, swimming in the pool, eating great...

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Portable Restroom FAQs

How do you clean portable toilets?

We use the highest grade of cleaning products on the market to make sure that your guests have clean, inviting restrooms. We also service your portable restroom a minimum of once a week to ensure that the mobile toilet is clean, and the waste tank doesn’t overflow.

Do you offer any discount if more than one porta potty is rented for the same event?

Our goal at John To Go is to make sure that everyone at your worksite or event has a mobile toilets exactly when they need one. If you’ll be servicing a large crowd, and your budget is low, reach out to us by phone at 845.362.2300 or email at info@johntogo.com to see if we can get you better event pricing.

How often does a porta potty’s waste tank need to be emptied?

We service most of our mobile toilets once a week, and clear the waste tank. However, some porta potties are used more often, by more people, and they may need more frequent service. In those cases, we service the mobile toilets more often, depending on the need of the specific porta potty.