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Starting A Photography Business Checklist: A Complete Guide

Being self-employed with a profession that is also your passion is a dream come true for many. However, many people get stuck at the beginning since they don't know how to proceed correctly. Even if they do get started, without proper planning, their venture is bound to fail. Basically, you NEED a ‘starting a photography business checklist’ at your mercy to help you set it all up the perfect way!

Digital photography is a rewarding career in the present day of social media. If you've ever dreamt of having your own photography business, now is the time. Having a photography business listing is, therefore, the easiest way to get started.

So, what is needed for starting a photography business checklist? For starters, figuring out a name for your business, developing a good website, and understanding how to better cater to your clients' needs. Besides, pay attention to the amenities, like a clean toilet for your studio. Clean portable restrooms can be helpful in this regard.

Fortunately, we got you covered. If you have ever wondered what it takes to become a professional photographer, then this checklist is for you! Ready to get started?

Pros and Cons of the Photography Business

You might have been sure about starting your own photography business for a while or maybe just got the idea from this post. Nonetheless, this post will tell you how to start a photography business with no experience. Well, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, that's for sure.

That doesn't mean it's not worth the effort. In the words of Walt Disney, "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them."

Therefore, the very first step is jotting down pointers about starting a photography business checklist.

The Pros

Doing what you love the most and getting paid for it- the best feeling in the world, right? There are many pros to following your dream and being self-employed.

Here are some common (and not so common) pros of becoming a self-employed professional photographer.

Monetizing Your Passion

Let's face it, having a job you don't need a vacation from is a thrill most people crave for. As Steve Jobs once said, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

Therefore, if you enjoy photography or have always wanted to become one, you will now get to live it.

The Work Hour Flexibility

Apart from getting paid for your passion or hobby, you also get to enjoy being self-employed. That means you choose your own working hours.

This can definitely be a refreshing change from the usual nine-to-five. If you always wanted to gain more control over your schedule, and prioritize spending time with family, now you can.

Opportunity to Explore New Destinations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to unknown destinations? As a professional photographer, traveling is going to become a daily part of the job.

Let's just say photographers were living the "work from anywhere" life even before the pandemic.

Doing Work that has Some Meaning for You

Photographs have immense importance in people's lives. They help us capture moments and memories. Therefore, as a professional photographer, you are likely to get hired for many memorable moments.

From capturing family portraits to weddings, clicking people's emotions in a fleeting time adds a lot of meaning to work.

Chance to Interact with New People

People often overlook the importance of self-promotion when starting a photography business checklist.

As a professional photographer, you will get a lot of chances to meet and interact with many people. This is an amazing opportunity to build your network and promote yourself at the same time.

The Cons

There are hurdles in any profession, no matter how much you love it. Having a hobby and turning it into a career are two entirely different things. For many, it's a wake-up call.

Almost all the successful photography businesses have this opinion. Therefore, when starting a photography business checklist, it's better to have a clear picture of what you're getting yourself into.

Initial Set Up Can Be Expensive

Read any books on starting a photography business written by some popular business owners in the domain, and you will know that equipment comes on top of your photography business checklist. However, they are pretty expensive. You can minimize expenses on amenities with porta potty options, though. They are convenient and reasonably priced.

Eccentric Work Hours

Sure, you get to choose your working hours, but you have to invest time if you want to progress. That means investing a lot in learning and catering to clients on weekends as well.

Having to Deal with Picky Customers

Customers can be whimsical, and dealing with them is another unique skill you need to develop. Also, covering events can be stressful. You also have to get in your client's heads to understand their needs.

Takes Time to Build a Steady Income

If getting rich is your motto, you will get disappointed in the initial days of your photography business. It takes time to find your niche, specialize in it, and then dominate the market.

Money May Not Be Where the Passion Is

The truth is until you specialize in a particular niche, it will be hard to make good money from your photography business. That means catering to genres you might not enjoy.

Things You'll Need to Get Started- Starting a Photography Business Checklist

Your equipment and setup are obviously vital for your photography business. Need help with starting a photography business checklist? These are the things you will be needing.

A High-Quality Camera (Of course!)

When starting a photography business checklist, the camera should be on top of it. You cannot establish a good photography business without photographs, and having a decent camera is the way to get started.

Camera Accessories

Along with the camera, you will also be needing some camera accessories, like some high-quality lenses, a good camera bag, and tripods. Having some good backdrop and props is also going to be helpful.

Good Lighting

Lighting is critical in photography. If you are clicking outside in natural light, then you have to pay attention to the timing. However, in a studio environment, having some good lighting elements is necessary.

A Studio Space

Often, while starting a photography business checklist, people forget the importance of having their own space. Sure, you can begin at your own place.

However, studio spaces are more professional when clients come over. Additionally, having porta potties can be a great solution, especially if you have a small studio. These portable restrooms work perfectly as a location to conduct unique photoshoots.

A Computer and an External Hard Drive

A computer or a laptop will be necessary for storing all your digital photos and editing them. Furthermore, keeping an external hard drive at hand is handy if your computer's memory gets full.

Some Editing Software

To make your photographs look more professional, you will need to give them touch-ups. Therefore, invest in getting some premium versions of photo editing software, like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

A Smartphone with a Good Camera

This may come as a surprise to many, but having a good smartphone camera at your disposal can be a blessing. It will help you manage your social media handles better and have some great content to post at all times.

Mobile Photography Apps

If you are going to be using a smartphone camera, it's better to have some editing apps installed. These will help you give touch-ups to your mobile photos.

photographer outdoors

Tiny Details That are Important to Figure Out

Here's something even the best books on starting a photography business will not tell you. Keeping aside the regular setup and equipment, you’ll need to consider these things for setting up your business.

Social Media Channels

Although not directly connected to your photography skills, being active on social media is an excellent way to PR for your photography business. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are perfect for showcasing your portfolio.

A Website and Domain Name

Having a professional website and an official domain name is mandatory for any business to thrive today, as it helps more people find out about you. It also gives a professional appearance to your work.

Business Cards

Giving business cards is one of the oldest ways of marketing, and it still works. When you are networking at events, use them to showcase your work and bring in potential leads.

Business License

You might want to register your business with your state or local government if you're going to make monetary transactions. You can search about the business licenses required in your area.

Having Portable Restrooms for Your Studio, PhotoShoot, or Scheduled Events

Think about it. Photoshoots can take up hours to complete, whether you’re shooting a public outdoor event or filming for a client. When you have clients over to your studio or meet for a photoshoot, is it not better to have mobile bathroom accommodation for them?

clean portable restrooms for photoshoot

If you have a studio at your home, then they can use your bathroom. Otherwise, you may need to set it up differently.

Moreover, when you go to remote locations for your photography projects, you may not find the best amenities there. Having a portable restroom can be extremely helpful in such times.

Well, the good part is, this isn’t as difficult to figure out as it sounds. You’ll find plenty of nice portable restrooms to pick from and manage your business right on the John To Go website, from the very start!

Well, the type of portable restrooms that you pick depends on the setting you’re aiming for. You can check out the details about different portable restroom types and then make your decision. Moreover, it’s all about first impressions for a lot of clients, right? So, wouldn’t you want to tick off all their checklist pointers for ‘the best photography agency’ they could ask for?

mobile bathroom units set up for outdoor event

Do You Have Your Checklist Ready?

Starting a photography business checklist is like having a blueprint that will make your goals a reality. Therefore, the more detailed your business plan is, the better. From market evaluation to pricing, there are a lot of aspects to setting up a successful business.

However, the most important things are your skills, passion, and relationship with your customers.


1.     How can you start a photography business checklist?

Firstly, you will need to have a business plan and get your registration done for a license. Then you need to figure out your business structure. Afterward, setting up a business account is a good idea. You would also need to pay attention to details like insurance and taxes. Additionally, your business needs to have a proper name and logo. You can do this once you’ve done choosing your niche. The last step is to set up a website to make it official.

2.     What equipment do you need for starting a photography business?

You will need a good camera, lenses, tripod, a camera bag, and lighting to ensure all your photos are top-notch. Backdrops and props will add more uniqueness to your photoshoot. You will also need to invest in a studio space to conduct the shoots and deal with customers. For added convenience, you can look for porta potties since clean restrooms are a necessity.

3.     How convenient are portable restrooms for my photography studio?

Porta potties are excellent restroom options for photoshoots. They are sufficient for accommodating up to 50 people even if you are conducting a shoot for a couple of hours. John To Go will clean them regularly for the duration of your rental.

row of portable restrooms on grass

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