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Talent Show Ideas to Get Your Community Involved

Children are definitely a lot of fun to interact with, and they’re always coming up with new, unique, and fun things. They love to sing, dance, perform, and just about anything creative. So, why not encourage all of that fun and energy by having a talent show for them to show off to their friends and family? But of course, then you’d need some talent show ideas to get started.

Creating Talent Show Ideas for Kids

So, let’s start by taking a look at some things you can do to organize a talent show. For one thing, you have to think about who is going to be a part of the talent show. If you’re part of a school district or a specific school you may want to open up a school talent contest for everyone in the school (or district). This gives you a set classification of students, though they might be all different ages.

You could also set up a talent show if you run a daycare or afterschool program. These students are likely learning new things and having fun with the program you run and that means they’re likely going to have something to show off to others. But they are also already a relatively small group, though you could do a talent show with larger programs as well, such as those at community centers or summer programs that encompass hundreds of children of different ages.

Yet another option for talent show ideas is to open it up to your community. Rather than just focusing on specific locations where all the children come from you could simply post the talent show on community bulletin boards (both virtual and physical) and recruit children who come from all over the area. They will likely be all different ages (still) unless you narrow down the qualifications for who can be part of the show. Also, you can get all different types of talent, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

playing musical instruments for school talent contest

So, if you’re considering talent show ideas, what will you do to showcase that talent? What kind of talent should you be showing off in your show? The truth is that you should encourage the children in your group to come up with unique and fun ideas. The more varied the different talents are, the more fun it’s going to be for the children and for the people who are watching. There’s no need to only look for specific talent show songs when there are so many other options out there. So, look for or encourage talents like:

A Fun Dance Routine

Encourage participants to bring their best moves and imaginative choreography to the stage with a fun dance routine. This segment of the talent show allows for a diverse display of dance styles, from hip-hop to ballet. It's a chance for dancers to express their creativity, rhythm, and passion for movement. This performance can be a solo act or a group endeavor, offering a vibrant and energetic start to any talent show.

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks can captivate an audience like no other act. Invite talented individuals to perform enchanting magic, ranging from classic card tricks to more intricate illusions. This segment offers a blend of suspense, surprise, and entertainment, as magicians use their skills to mesmerize and mystify the audience. It's a perfect opportunity for performers to showcase their dexterity, creativity, and showmanship.


Acting performances in a talent show provide a stage for both solo and group actors to delve into dramatic or comedic roles. Participants can choose scenes from well-known plays or create original content, allowing them to demonstrate their range, emotion, and theatrical skills. This segment invites a narrative journey, providing a rich and immersive experience for the audience.


Dance performances in talent shows can range from contemporary to traditional styles, offering a canvas for dancers to express their technique, grace, and emotion. This segment allows for both solo and group performances, giving dancers the opportunity to tell stories through movement, whether it be the elegance of ballet, the rhythm of tap, or the fluidity of modern dance.

Slam Poetry

Slam poetry is a powerful and dynamic form of expression that combines performance, writing, and competition. This segment of the talent show invites performers to deliver their original poetry with emphasis on rhythm, wordplay, and personal narrative. It's a platform for poets to share their thoughts and emotions in a raw and impactful manner, engaging the audience through the power of spoken word.


This segment showcases the visual art talents of participants through live painting sessions or displays of completed artworks. Artists can demonstrate their creativity, technique, and vision, whether in abstract, realism, or other styles. This visual feast adds a unique and contemplative dimension to the talent show, allowing the audience to witness art come to life or admire finished masterpieces.


A live cooking demonstration can be both an entertaining and educational addition to a talent show. Participants can showcase their culinary skills, from slicing and dicing to the artful presentation of dishes. This segment offers a sensory experience, engaging the audience with the sights, sounds, and potential tastes of cooking, highlighting the creativity and expertise of the chefs.


Graffiti art brings a vibrant and edgy element to the talent show. Artists can create live, colorful murals or exhibit their pre-made works, showcasing their ability to transform spaces with bold and expressive art. This segment celebrates urban art culture and provides a platform for graffiti artists to display their skills in a dynamic and impactful way.

Lip Syncing Act

Lip syncing acts are all about fun and entertainment. Participants can mimic popular songs, adding their own flair with costumes and choreography. This light-hearted segment often creates a humorous and engaging atmosphere, as performers bring energy and personality to their lip-syncing, making for an enjoyable experience for both the performers and the audience.

Skit Performance

Short skits provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their talents in scriptwriting and acting. These performances can range from comedic to dramatic, offering a platform for engaging storytelling. Skits are an excellent way for performers to demonstrate their ability to captivate an audience with concise yet powerful narratives.


Monologue performances in a talent show allow solo performers to shine, showcasing their ability to engage and move an audience with just their voice and expression. Whether dramatic, comedic, or somewhere in between, this segment highlights the performer's skill in delivering a compelling and captivating solo performance.

Original Songs

Musicians and songwriters can take the stage to perform their original compositions, offering a glimpse into their musical and lyrical artistry. This segment allows for a variety of genres and styles, showcasing the unique talents and personal stories of each performer. Original songs add a deeply personal and authentic touch to the talent show.

Short Skits

Short skits are perfect for delivering quick, impactful performances. Whether aiming for humor or thought-provocation, these brief narratives offer a snapshot of storytelling brilliance. This format is ideal for showcasing the ability to convey a compelling story in a limited timeframe, highlighting both writing and acting talents.


Gymnastics routines in a talent show are a display of physical strength, flexibility, and artistic expression. This segment allows gymnasts to showcase their athletic prowess through various acrobatic maneuvers, balancing acts, and rhythmic routines. It's a captivating performance that combines the elegance of dance with the thrill of athleticism, leaving the audience in awe of the gymnasts' precision and skill.


The recitation category in a talent show invites participants to showcase their oratory skills by delivering poems, literary excerpts, or famous speeches. This segment emphasizes the art of spoken word, tone, and expression, allowing performers to bring texts to life through their voice and presence. It's a celebration of language and eloquence, offering a deeply engaging experience for the audience.

Playing an Instrument

Musical talent shines in the instrument-playing segment of a talent show. Participants, either solo or in ensembles, can demonstrate their mastery of various instruments, from the piano to the violin or guitar. This segment is a testament to the performers' technical skill, musicality, and passion, creating a harmonious and captivating atmosphere.

Comedy Act

Comedy acts bring laughter and light-heartedness to the talent show. Comedians, whether performing stand-up or sketch comedy, have the opportunity to entertain the audience with witty jokes, humorous stories, and comedic timing. This segment is all about creating a fun and enjoyable experience, showcasing the unique humor and creativity of each performer.

Hula Hoop

Hula hoop artists can dazzle the audience with their rhythm and coordination in this unique talent show segment. It's a display of skill as participants perform intricate tricks and routines with the hula hoop, often synchronized to music. This visually engaging act combines athleticism with artistic expression, making for a captivating performance.


Athletic performances add a dynamic and exciting element to the talent show. Participants can demonstrate their skills in various sports, from basketball tricks to soccer freestyling. This segment showcases the physical prowess, agility, and technique of the athletes, offering an action-packed and inspiring display of sportsmanship.

Puppet Show

Puppet shows bring storytelling to life in a whimsical and engaging way. Puppeteers can create imaginative narratives, complete with unique characters and settings, suitable for audiences of all ages. This segment highlights the art of puppetry, combining creativity, voice acting, and manipulation skills to craft captivating stories.


Martial arts performances, such as karate, offer a display of discipline, strength, and precision. Participants can demonstrate their training through katas, breaking techniques, or sparring demonstrations. This segment not only showcases the physical aspects of martial arts but also the focus and respect that are integral to the discipline.


Impersonation acts in a talent show allow participants to showcase their talent for mimicking celebrities or famous characters. This segment is both entertaining and impressive, as performers adopt the mannerisms, voice, and even appearance of their chosen persona. It's a fun and creative way for individuals to display their versatility and observational skills.


Miming is an art form that tells stories through expressive body movements and facial expressions, without the use of spoken words. In this talent show segment, performers can captivate the audience with their ability to convey emotions and narratives purely through physical expression. Miming acts are a unique and mesmerizing addition, highlighting the power of non-verbal communication.

Face Painting

Face painting artists can demonstrate their artistic talents by transforming faces into vibrant works of art. This segment of the talent show allows for creativity and imagination, as artists use their brushes and colors to create everything from whimsical designs to intricate portraits on the canvas of the human face. It's a visually stunning and interactive experience, showcasing the skill and precision of the artists.

Stand-up Comedy

Stand-up comedy in a talent show provides a platform for comedians to engage the audience with humorous monologues or stories. This segment highlights the performer's ability to craft jokes, deliver punchlines, and connect with the audience through humor. It's a chance for comedians to showcase their wit, timing, and originality, ensuring a light-hearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

Vocal Mimicry

Vocal mimicry is an impressive talent where individuals showcase their ability to imitate voices, sounds, and even musical instruments. This segment offers a unique and entertaining experience, as participants display their auditory skills, often leading to humorous and surprising performances. It's a testament to the versatility and creativity of the human voice.

Yo-yo Tricks

Yo-yo enthusiasts have the opportunity to impress with a variety of tricks and skills using this classic toy. This segment allows participants to demonstrate their dexterity and coordination, performing everything from basic loops to complex string maneuvers. It's a visually captivating and nostalgic act, showcasing the enduring appeal of yo-yo tricks.

Tips to Make Better Talent Shows

Talent shows can be a spectacular way for kids to showcase their unique skills, and planning one that resonates with the participants and audience alike can be rewarding yet challenging. Here's how you can organize a memorable talent show.

  1. Consider your participants:

    If you're a part of a school or a district, you could host a talent show that is inclusive of all students. Alternatively, talent shows can also be arranged in after-school programs or daycares, where kids are constantly learning and developing new skills. And don't forget, larger community centers or summer programs can host talent shows for hundreds of children of different ages.

  2. Explore the idea of hosting a community talent show.

    Instead of restricting the talent show to certain locations, consider reaching out to kids from all over the community. Diverse participation often leads to a variety of talents being showcased, making the event more enjoyable for everyone.

  3. When it comes to the types of talents that can be showcased, the sky's the limit.

    Encourage children to explore different talents beyond just singing and dancing. Monologues, original songs, short skits, gymnastics, recitations, playing an instrument, magic tricks, comedy acts, puppet shows, karate and many more talents can all be a part of the show. In essence, if a talent can be performed on a stage, it can be included in the talent show.

  4. Theme-based talent shows can also be fun.

    They can range from shows focusing on specific talents like singing or comedy, to shows inspired by popular characters like Dora the Explorer, Barney, Snoop Dogg, or SpongeBob. These themes can make the talent show feel more cohesive and can challenge participants to be creative with their talents.

  5. Inviting participants is a crucial part of the planning process.

    Designing attractive talent show flyers and posters can help generate interest in the event. These should clearly detail information about the event such as the time, venue, who is invited, and what the theme is if there is one.

  6. Setting up for the show requires detailed planning.

    Depending on the nature of the talents being showcased, you'll need to prepare the stage with appropriate equipment. Remember, the background should enhance the performers, not distract from them. If the talent show is outdoors, providing ample seating and clean, portable restrooms can make the event comfortable for everyone attending. In fact, portable restrooms are often overlooked but play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable event.

At John to Go, we provide clean, affordable portable restroom options suitable for events like talent shows. We take pride in ensuring that our portable restrooms add convenience to your event without breaking the bank.

lineup of clean portable restrooms

Partner with John To Go for Better Talent Shows

When organizing a talent show, one crucial aspect that significantly enhances the overall experience for everyone involved is the availability of clean and comfortable restroom facilities. Partnering with John To Go can be a game-changer in this regard, ensuring that your talent show is not just entertaining but also comfortable and convenient for all attendees.

  • Enhanced Comfort for Participants and Audience:

    Clean, well-maintained portable restrooms play a vital role in ensuring the comfort of both participants and the audience. John To Go provides high-quality portable toilets that are regularly serviced and sanitized, guaranteeing a pleasant and hygienic experience. This attention to cleanliness means that performers can prepare and focus on their acts without worrying about unsanitary conditions, while the audience can enjoy the event with peace of mind.

  • Increased Event Appeal and Satisfaction:

    The presence of clean and accessible restrooms can significantly elevate the overall appeal of the talent show. It demonstrates a high level of organization and care for the well-being of those attending. This can lead to increased satisfaction among participants and audience members alike, potentially boosting the reputation of the event and encouraging higher attendance in future shows.

  • Convenience and Accessibility:

    By providing various types of portable restrooms, including ADA-compliant units, John To Go ensures that the needs of all attendees are met. This includes ensuring easy accessibility for individuals with disabilities, adding an inclusive aspect to your event. Having these facilities readily available and easily accessible means less time spent in queues and more time enjoying the talent on display.

  • Customized Solutions for Your Event Needs:

    Depending on the size and nature of the talent show, John To Go can provide customized porta potty solutions. Whether it’s a small community event or a large-scale talent competition, we can cater to the specific needs of your event, ensuring that there are enough facilities for the expected number of attendees and that they are strategically placed for convenience.

  • Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic Environment:

    In times when health and hygiene are more important than ever, having a partner like John To Go, known for a strong commitment to cleanliness, adds an extra layer of trust and safety. Our rigorous cleaning protocols mean that the restrooms will not only be clean upon arrival but will be maintained throughout the event, ensuring a consistently hygienic environment.

In conclusion, partnering with John To Go for your talent show can significantly enhance the experience for everyone involved. Our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and customer service ensures that your event's restroom facilities contribute positively to the overall success and enjoyment of the talent show.

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