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Neighborhood Event Ideas to Enjoy the Summer Weather

When was the last time you actually sat back and enjoyed some relaxing time with your neighbors? It’s probably been a while, right? If you’re like a lot of us, you probably find that your family pulls you in all different directions, day in and day out. And before you know it, you’ve gone weeks or even months without even talking to your neighbors.

But there are plenty of ways to enjoy spending time with your neighbors.

Why Host Community Events?

people enjoying community events

When it comes to enjoying time with others, your neighbors are definitely some people you should be thinking of. After all, they live right near you and offer the easiest opportunity for people that you can engage with. Hosting community events with the people who live near you fosters a sense of actual community. That means everyone feels more connected to each other, and they feel like they have a group of friends around for anything they need.

When you build community with your neighbors, it means that you have people you can go to if you need help. You have people who will look out for you, your home, your family, and more. These are people you can count on if there’s a fire, if there’s someone harassing your family, or anything else.

Having a community with your neighborhood means having people you can do fun things with, like get together for a barbeque or a swimming party. You have someone you can talk to just because or walk your dogs with or someone to set up play dates with the kids. Hosting community events helps to build that level of camaraderie.

How to Plan a Neighborhood Event

The good news is that neighborhood activities are simple to plan. All you have to do is knock on doors to let people know about the event. Putting up signs means taking a look at where locals spend most of their time, and therefore where they would see the signs.

If you’re looking for those who aren’t locals to come and see the event, you’ll want to set out your signs in a place where they will be seen. And of course, your neighborhood parties could even be advertised within the community in order to extend your reach.

When advertising the event, make sure that everything points to where you want your neighborhood-mates to go.

What Are Good Ideas for Neighborhood Social Events?

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Of course, just knowing that you want to have neighborhood events isn’t quite enough. You need to know what type of events to throw. Neighborhood events can actually be any number of things. The key is that they involve the people in your neighborhood getting together and having fun. So, let’s take a look at some neighborhood event ideas.

  • Pool Party

One way you absolutely can’t go wrong is with a pool party. If you live in a gated community you might actually have a neighborhood pool. If you don’t, you may want to team up with a neighbor who has their own pool. Then you can invite everyone over to enjoy a swim. This is one of the easier options when it comes to things to do in your neighborhood, but it’s also a popular idea for kids and adults alike.

  • Barbeque

A barbeque is another great example of community event. In fact, it’s one of the good community event ideas for families because everyone loves to get together and have something to eat. You definitely can’t go wrong with food, and you can absolutely choose whatever foods you like best. It might be hot dogs and hamburgers, or it might be ribs and sliders. But no matter what you choose it’s going to be good food for all.

outdoor setup for neighborhood activities

  • Potluck

Another option that’s similar to a barbeque is a potluck. With this type of gathering everyone gets to bring something. And because everyone brings something, everyone feels personally invested in the meal. It can be a whole lot of fun and it lets you try out a lot of different dishes. This can be combined with a barbeque or pool party as well.

  • Quiz Night

A quiz night can be great for getting to know your neighbors or if you have a group that’s all interested in the same type of thing. You could have a random quiz night or you could pick certain themes that get people really into a topic. Pick a popular book or movie or a decade to ask questions about and see who knows the most. You can even participate in teams or pit kids against the adults for some more fun.

  • Street Party

This type of party is just what it sounds like, a lot of people gathering together and just enjoying each other’s company. Just hang out in the neighborhood with some great music and all your favorite neighbors. You can have a great time with everyone and really get the kids having their own fun, where a lot of kids may play games in the street as well.

  • Cook Off

Similar to a potluck, you could host a cook off where everyone brings a dish and everyone gets to vote on their favorite. This can be great for getting to know your neighbors and for a bit of friendly competition. It’s definitely going to help you get some great food and maybe even get some new recipes if your neighbors are willing to share.

  • Game Night

Pick your favorite games and get everyone together to have some fun. You could even have several games going at once so everyone can join in. Set up a tournament, have a bunch of lawn games or even enjoy some great board or card games to get people having some fun. You can mix it up with different types of games or choose a single one that everyone can enjoy. Or better yet, you can even pick different games for the kids and the adults.

adults at neighborhood social event

  • Give Back Night

When it comes to social event ideas for communities, another great option is to find a way to give back. You could choose to have some type of ‘give back night’ or a special event. It could be building a house for someone or working on beautifying your neighborhood. It could be a special event that raises money for a charity in the community. In fact, there are plenty of ways to give back and plenty of ways to make sure everyone in the community is joining in a productive and meaningful way.

  • Neighborhood Improvement

Another idea for good community events is to improve your neighborhood. You could plant flowers in the neighborhood or clean up the parks. Anything to make your neighborhood look great and keep everyone enjoying the space. In fact, there’s a whole lot you can do to make sure everyone in your neighborhood is feeling appreciated. Plus you can turn your neighborhood into the place everyone wants to be.

Setting Up Porta Potties for Your Special Event

outdoor porta potty units for neighborhood activities

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event porta potties

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