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8 Summer Camp Themes and Activities Kids Love

Nothing says “summer vacation” quite like a fun-filled, action-packed summer camp. And with sunshƒine, warm temperatures, and the end of school on the horizon, campers and counselors are beginning to prepare for an adventure that’s one for the books.

Coming up with an overarching theme for your summer camp can be challenging, though, especially if you’re new to the game or have been in business so long that you think you’ve done and seen it all.

Well, this article is here to share some of the top eight summer camp themes and activities that kids will love. Whether it’s a school-age summer camp themes you need, or you’re attempting to entertain teens on a fun summer excursion, you can find a theme to suit your conditions below.

  • Colors (Best for Young Kids)

colors theme

Summer color themes will always be a hit amongst youngsters, especially those in preschool and kindergarten. Not only do kids of that age love colors, but it also presents a way to teach in a fun-filled way.

Putting together summer camp weekly themes revolving around “colors” is a cinch. For example, you can have a red week where campers wear red, stamp paint with a red-colored apple, and read Little Red Riding Hood. The following week can be blue. Create a blue sensory bin and have a balloon party with blue balloons.

  • Ocean (Best for Young and Elementary-Aged Kids)

ocean theme

Another one of the most popular summer camp themes for the younger crowd is the ocean. This is an especially great idea if you can take your kids on trips. To bring the ocean theme to life, take the kiddos on a trip to the aquarium or splash around in the local pool. Create fun activities to learn about different species each week, like sharks and whales.

Don’t hesitate to step outside of the box with ocean week, as you could run out of examples. For instance, you could create a pirate week - one of the top fan favorite weekly summer themes - or spend a week learning how to stop pollution from happening on our seas.

  • Sports (All Ages)

soccer stadium

Most parents worry that their child won’t be active enough during summer break. So, you can’t go wrong with sports themes for summer camps. The best part is that these summer camp weekly theme ideas can be used for all ages. After all, who doesn’t love sports?

To put this idea together, have a different sport per week, such as basketball, soccer, football, tennis, etc. You can even do something more unique, like a Ninja Warrior week with obstacle courses. Let the kids play the sports together and have the time of their lives!

  • Time-Travelers (All Ages)

olden days scene

Is it 70s week where everyone will dress up like they’re going to the disco, or is it a flashback to the 1800s and kids will learn to churn their own butter and make ice cream in a bag? Time-traveling summer school themes are so much fun, and there are endless possibilities.

The goal is to bring the “time” to life. Set aside summer camp theme days (once per week) where kids can dress up like the date they’re learning about. For instance, kids can dress up in funky 80s clothing for 1980s week. Put together a soundtrack and have a dance party!

  • Around the World (All Ages)

around the world scene

In this day and age, there is a push to learn about other cultures while encouraging diversity, making the “Around the World’ theme one of the top summer program themes out there.

Each week can feature a different culture or area of the world. Start with Africa, then move on to Asia and Egypt. You can feature foods from these areas and teach the kids about traditions unique to each area.

  • STEM (All Ages)

science experiments

Another common concern for parents is lack of education during summer. Well, STEM is one of those summer themes for camp that make learning fun. Kids of all ages will hardly know they’re building their science, tech, engineering, and math skills with a super enjoyable summer STEM camp!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to STEM. The first two weeks can be science-themed with experiments, while the next two weeks are full of tech activities like coding. Make sure that the activities are age-appropriate!

  • Food (Best for Older Kids)

pastries and ice cream cones

Plenty of older kids are interested in food, whether they’re planning to attend culinary school or simply want to travel the world searching for some exotic fare. Regardless, food-related summer program themes will always be a hit.

There are many options to choose from. You can have the kids create a new type of cuisine each week, starting with Mexican, Italian, Asian, etc. Consider taking a trip to local restaurants offering the cuisine.

You can also do baking, which will always be amongst the top favorite summer camp themes and activities. Kids can make tasty treats, such as easy summer-themed cupcakes and a summer theme birthday cake. Have a cake decorating contest for them to show off their summer-themed cake ideas.

  • Music and Arts (All Ages)

colorful guitars

The final option for the best summer camp themes and activities on this list is music and arts. You will want to focus on a different style each week. Here are a few summer camp theme week ideas to choose from: performing arts, art mediums like charcoal, chalk, and oil, and various instruments such as guitar, drums, violins, etc.

You can throw in many activities each week. For instance, you might consider going to a play during “performing arts” week or have the kids dress up as their favorite music performer during “instrument” week.

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Final Words

There are so many excellent summer program themes out there, whether you opt to go with classic “color” summer camp themes and activities or do something out-of-the-box like time-traveling or STEM.

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