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JTG Ambassador Oversize Flush Porta Potty Unit

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Product Info

Features of Our Deluxe Oversize Flush Porta Potty

  • Vanity area
  • Flip Top tank & Drop Tank lid
  • Full-length wall mirror
  • 3 Coat / purse hooks
  • Courtesy shelf
  • Paper tower dispenser
  • Motion-activated light
  • Fresh water sink Recirculating toilet
  • Sanitary foot-controlled flush mechanism
  • Sink operates via foot control
  • Smooth,contemporary design
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Hand sanitizer in all units
  • Easy-to-use interior lock
  • 22 gallon fresh water sink
  • 40 gallon waste tank

Product Description

Discover unparalleled convenience and luxury with our big porta potty unit, the Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe. This large porta potty redefines porta potty size with its expansive interior, providing a lavish experience that combines style, functionality, and comfort. Equipped with luxury flush and wash capabilities, the Ambassador offers an extra-large interior that is both stylish and modern, ensuring users enjoy a high-end experience with the convenience of on-site facilities.

The Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe Unit boasts an array of features, including flowing freshwater in the sink and toilet, and sanitary foot pedals for hands-free use, enhancing the hygiene and convenience of your event. This unit is designed with extra amenities like a recirculating toilet, a vanity area complete with mirrors, sink, soap, and much more, setting a new standard for porta potty luxury.

Dimensions of Porta Potty

Understanding the porta potty dimensions is crucial for planning and placement at your event. Our units are designed to meet a variety of needs, answering questions like "How tall is a porta potty?" and "How big is a porta potty?" with precise measurements.

ach porta potty stands at an accommodating height of 86.5 inches, with a width and depth of 61 inches, ensuring ample interior space for comfort. The unit's weight is a sturdy 286 lbs, and the door opening measures 35.5" x 73.5", facilitating easy access for all users. These porta potty dimensions are thoughtfully considered to enhance user experience with a spacious and comfortable layout.

Benefits of Renting a Deluxe Oversize Flush Porta Potty

The Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe Unit stands out as a premier choice for those seeking a flushable porta potty that does not compromise on luxury. This porta potty with sink combines spaciousness with sophisticated features, elevating the user experience.

The John To Go Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe Unit is a stylish, upscale, and spacious portable potty rental unit. This roomy setup provides its users with an unmatched level of comfort.

Designed for your outdoor luxurious events, the flushable portable toilet offers several benefits to enhance the user experience:

  • Sanitary foot pedals for enhanced hygiene and hands-free flushable porta potty operation.
  • A large 22-gallon freshwater sink and a 40-gallon waste tank, designed to accommodate larger gatherings with ease.
  • A full-length wall mirror, multiple coat/purse hooks, and motion-activated lighting to add a touch of elegance and convenience.
  • Additional amenities such as a courtesy shelf, an exterior occupancy indicator, and an easy-to-use interior lock, all contribute to a luxurious and comfortable user experience.

Uses of Flushable Portable Toilet

Flushable portable toilets, including the flushable porta potty like our Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe Unit, serve a wide range of uses, from high-end outdoor events to weddings, corporate functions, and any occasion where the comfort and convenience of guests are a priority. These flushable porta potty units provide a level of sophistication and functionality that traditional porta potties cannot match, ensuring that every event can offer guests the comfort and luxury they deserve.

Specs and Setup Information

  • Height : 86.5"
  • Width : 61"
  • Depth : 61"
  • Weight : 286lbs
  • Door Opening : 35.5" x 73.5"

Other Products You Might Be Interested In

Choose from our other upscale products as add-ons to your Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe unit rental. Here are some of the best available add-ons for your deluxe porta potty rental that you may also like.

  • JTG ProPower Light

The JTG ProPower Light is the ideal lighting solution for your porta potties. It provides a wide spread of illumination of the area for anyone who enters your porta potty, ensuring everyone feels safe and comfortable using your facilities.

This rechargeable, portable floodlight that can be fully deployed in under 30 seconds. The ProPower Light is a perfect companion alongside our portable restrooms at all your nighttime special events and construction projects.

  • JTG Ambassador Flush Deluxe

The JTG Ambassador Flush Deluxe is also a good choice for special events but is smaller than the Ambassador Flush Deluxe Oversize unit. This deluxe porta potty is stylish, upscale, and provides a positive user experience.

This unit has all the amenities you'd expect from a luxury portable restroom—sinks, hand sanitizer, vanity area, coat hook, sanitary foot-controlled flush mechanism, and lots more! It's perfect for semi-large events and gatherings with special guests.

Where Should You Place Your JTG Ambassador Oversize Flush Deluxe Unit?

Here are some placement guidelines for your event portable toilet rental:

  • Keep it away from high-traffic areas such as walkways and main roads.
  • Put in a prominent and readily accessible central position for users.
  • Put in a place the John To Go maintenance and servicing team can access for servicing and cleaning your porta potty deluxe rentals.

How to Calculate How Many Units You’ll Need

As a general rule of thumb, when reserving porta potty rental units, you need at least one porta a potty rental unit per 50 people.

So, if you are expecting 200 guests, you should rent four porta potty rental units. Calculate the number of porta deluxe potty rental units you will need for your next special event. By doing this, you may improve the convenience and comfort of your guests at your event.

Special Event Types That John To Go Services

As a general rule of thumb, when reserving porta potty rental units, you need at least one porta a potty rental unit per 50 people.

Why Choose John To Go for Deluxe Porta Potty Rentals

Here are some of the reasons you should choose to partner with John To Go for all your restroom needs:

  • Excellent service

At John To Go, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to every customer. Whether you’re looking for the best-fit portable restroom for your events or additional add-ons for your porta potties, we are ready to provide you with all the help and support you need in getting the best upscale porta potty and restroom facilities that fit your needs.

  • Availability of various portable restrooms and add-on options

We also offer various portable restroom and shower trailer options that can be set up at your next outdoor event, construction site, etc. The add-on options include the Foam Sanitizer that helps your guests keep their hands clean even when water is unavailable; the Fresh Water System for locations without water and sewer connections; the JTG Handwash Station; and lots more!

  • Well supplied units

JTG specializes in supplying clean, sanitary, and convenient porta potties for your portable restroom needs, and they come with all the amenities you'd expect. Our units are fully stocked with all the supplies you need to keep your guests comfortable and happy!

  • Spacious Interior and Comfortable Design

Our Oversize Flush Porta Potty Unit offers a spacious interior equipped with all the amenities you need for maximum comfort, taking the portable restroom experience to a level that rivals many deluxe porta potty options on the market.

  • Flushable Toilet and Hygienic Features

The flushable toilet mechanism integrated into the Oversize Flush Porta Potty unit provides a highly hygienic environment, ensuring that cleanliness is maintained to the highest standard.

  • Reliable Delivery and Pickup Services

Count on our efficient and reliable delivery and pickup services to ensure that your Deluxe Porta Potty is there when you need it and gone when you're done, making the entire rental process hassle-free for you.


  • How much does a porta potty cost?

While the cost of renting a porta potty can vary widely, based on factors like rental duration, type of unit, and maintenance schedule, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing that takes into account various customer needs. Our rates are designed to provide value, covering a range of options from basic units to luxury amenities, all without compromising on quality or service. Additionally, our transparent pricing model includes essential services like maintenance and cleaning, making it easier for you to budget effectively. With our competitive quotes, you can be assured of receiving excellent value for the service provided.

  • What is the best porta potty?

At JTG, we've got everything—the best porta potty deluxe option that fits your needs! Our porta potties are clean, spacious, and comfortable. Any time you rent a unit from us you can feel confident about the condition of the porta potties and the #1 service you’ll receive!

  • Where to rent a porta potty?

A simple "deluxe porta potty rental near me" search for porta potty vendors in your area is a good starting point. However, you need to choose a company with high user ratings and customer satisfaction (like John To Go), so you can be sure you're getting the best deal.

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Porta Potty
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 21 reviews
 by Windows And Door Outlet

great job!

 by Hamton Vello Club

This company is totally rock solid. Dropped off our units in the midst of a blizzard, slightly late, but in_the_midst_of_a_blizzard. Our event was hugely successful, and they've definitely been a part of our success and growth for the past 4 years. Thanks guys!

 by yidel melber

Best customer service possible 👍👍 💪💪

 by Janet Lee

Excellent service

 by Darlene Harris

Service was Great. We had the purple ones. For it to be a bathroom, i must say it was pretty and clean. Not an eye sore for my event. Communication was Great. The drop off area was perfect! The driver even sent me a pic to confirm my spot. We will definitely use John 2 go for our next event!!! Thank you!!

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