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Purple Porta Potties: JTG Lift Unit

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Product Info


  • Roomy interior
  • Translucent roof for bright interior
  • Generous ventilation
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Interior lock
  • Outside emergency access available
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Has a sling unit for lifting with a crane units
  • None splash urinals.

Product Description

Servicing multi-story job sites becomes a breeze with the John To Go High Rise Unit. With the steel sling that is attached to our purple porta potty, a crane can easily lift the unit and relocate it to a location on an upper floor.

Additional Product Benefits

The John To Go Purple Porta Potties Lift Unit is perfect when you need porta potties for a high-rise construction site, and it's a big plus for contractors and workers working on multiple floors of a construction project.

Designed as a user-friendly hi-rise portable restroom unit, the John To Go Lift Unit offers several user-friendly benefits:

  • This porta potty rental has a steel sling so that it can be easily crane-lifted to accommodate workers on upper floors of a high-rise construction project. In this way, site workers can do their business without losing time returning to the ground floor.
  • These mobile porta potties are strong, sturdy yet light-weight and accommodating.
  • These purple porta potties have a translucent roof for better illumination and outdoor emergency access in cases of emergencies.


  • Hight: 92"
  • Width: 46"
  • Depth:48"

Other Products You Might Be Interested In

When renting the Porta Lift Unit, we have several other quality products that may enhance your porta potty experience as add-ons to our portable toilet lift units, such as:

  • JTG Construction Unit

The JTG Construction Unit is designed for construction sites, and it's built with high-quality materials that can withstand rough conditions.

It is simple, sturdy, easy to clean, and very accommodating unit that provides high comfort and convenience for site workers and contractors. This porta John potty is a basic yet high-performing option for workers working at or close to the ground level.

  • JTG Hi-Rise Unit

The JTG Hi-Rise Unit is another perfect porta-potty option for when you need porta potties for a high-rise construction site. It is a light-weighted porta potty on wheels with a tough exterior that can be easily rolled or crane-lifted anywhere the work is.

Each hi-rise unit can service up to ten construction workers and contractors without stress and hassle. It's a perfect option for the comfort and safety of your high-rise construction workers.

  • JTG Urinal Unit

The Urinal Unit allows users to do their business without waiting in line with other users, saving everyone time!

The urinal unit has multiple service ports inside the unit at either end of both trough tanks, making it easy for four men to do their business simultaneously! It is also accommodating, convenient, and easy to use.

Where Should You Place Your Lift Unit?

Where should you place your porta john potties? Here are some placement pointers to follow:

  • Purple porta potties should always be placed on a clean, level surface away from high-traffic areas.
  • For easy access, keep them on floors where active construction is taking place.
  • Store them near elevators, so they are easy to relocate on demand.
  • Put them against a solid structure like a wall for stability.

Special Event Types That John To Go Services

How to Calculate How Many Units You'll Need

Generally, you need at least one purple porta potty per 10 people with a 40-hour work week. So, if you have 50 site workers, you'll need to rent five construction porta John potties.

Renting enough construction porta John potties will help you avoid overcrowding problems and give your site workers the comfort and convenience they need.

John To Go: Meeting Your Construction Restroom Needs

  • Excellent customer service

We have been meeting construction companies' restroom needs for many years by providing a variety of porta potties, including porta lift units. We take the utmost pride in serving our customers and ensuring they have everything they need to succeed with their projects.

  • Professionals to help you out

We have professionals who understand customers' needs well and are fully prepared to meet them. Our professionals on staff will help guide you through every step of your entire porta john rental process so that nothing goes wrong. Want to speak to a real live person to get answers to your questions? Reach out to our live chat team today!

  • Excellent and reliable delivery

With John to Go, you can always schedule your pickup or delivery. We have a committed and competent team that will deliver portable toilet lift units to your site, set them up, and provide you with the best experience possible. So you don't have to worry about getting stuck!


  • Do porta potties smell?

The possibility of a porta potty getting smelly can make you reluctant about getting a porta john rental service. However, you need not worry. There are several ways to maintain a clean restroom facility for your guests, such as regular cleaning, multiple toilets, renting a restroom trailer, etc. At John to Go, our units come with hand sanitizers, flushable units, hand wash stations, and lots more! So you won't have to worry about your unit getting smelly.

  • What is the best porta potty rental?

The best porta potty rental serves your needs! Whether you're looking for something simple and nice or something more extravagant, we've got it all! We've got everything from basic models to more luxurious ones that will make your event feel special and remarkable.

  • Where to rent a porta potty near me?

Are you looking for the best porta potty rental partner to handle your event restroom needs? Look no further than John To Go! You've found the right place to rent the best porta potty for your needs. We have the best prices and a variety of porta potty options, and we'll deliver them right to your venue.

Contact us today for more detailed information about our options, inventory, pricing, and available units. We currently service porta potty rental NYC and the tri–state area, as well as South Florida.

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