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How to Choose the Right Portable Toilet Provider for Construction Site

When it comes to managing a construction site, attention to detail is paramount. Among the various logistical challenges construction managers face, ensuring access to clean, reliable, and conveniently located portable toilets is a critical aspect that should not be overlooked. To maintain the efficiency and well-being of your construction crew, selecting the right portable toilet provider is of utmost importance.

In this article, we will delve into the key considerations that construction managers must take into account when choosing a portable toilet provider for their construction site. Whether you're overseeing a large-scale project or a smaller job, making the right choice can significantly impact your project's success and the overall satisfaction of your workforce.

One of the leading providers in the portable toilet industry, John To Go, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in serving the unique needs of construction sites. We'll explore what sets us apart and how our services align with the requirements of construction managers. Read on to discover the factors that will help you make an informed decision for your construction site's sanitation needs.

Choose How Many Portable Toilets You Need

A portable toilet from John To Go, expert construction site toilet provider

One of the initial and most crucial considerations when selecting a construction site toilet provider is determining how many portable toilets your project requires. This decision is not arbitrary; it often involves meeting specific government regulations based on the total number of workers on your construction site. Ensuring that your project complies with these requirements is vital for both the well-being of your workforce and your adherence to legal standards.

A reputable construction site toilet provider, such as John To Go, understands the importance of this step. We work closely with construction managers to determine the precise number of portable toilets needed based on factors like the size of the crew and the duration of the project.

By choosing a provider that offers a tailored solution, you can maintain a hygienic and productive work environment while ensuring you remain in compliance with regulations. So, before making your selection, make sure your chosen provider is equipped to supply the appropriate quantity of portable toilets for your construction site's specific needs.

As a general rule of thumb, for every 10 workers on your construction site, you should rent 1 portable toilet. So, for instance, if your site has 60 workers, you might need to hire 6 portable toilets.

Ideal Placement of Portable Toilets at Construction Site

John To Go’s premium portable toilets at an outdoor event

The strategic placement of portable toilets on your construction site is a factor that significantly contributes to the convenience and efficiency of your workforce. It is crucial to ensure that your selected construction site toilet provider not only offers the required number of units but also guarantees a smooth setup and delivery process.

A reputable construction site toilet provider, like John To Go, takes the hassle out of this process. We understand the importance of seamless delivery and setup, which is essential to avoid disruptions and delays on your project. Look for a provider who has experience efficiently placing portable toilets in convenient and accessible locations, while also considering factors like foot traffic, weather, work zones, and safety regulations.

The placement of portable toilets on a construction site or at an event is crucial to ensure convenience, sanitation, and accessibility. The best placements of portable toilets include:

  • Near work areas

  • Accessible

  • On a flat dry surface

  • Clear signage pointing to it

  • Away from high-traffic areas

Ultimately, the worst placements for these portable toilets include the following:

  • Inadequate lighting

  • Close to food service areas

  • Obstructed by equipment or structure

  • Flood-prone areas

  • Hidden or isolated areas

By choosing a provider that handles the setup and delivery of portable toilets with professionalism and precision, you can save valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on your construction project's core activities.

Choose a Provider Experienced in Installing Portable Toilets

A portable toilet strategically located at a construction site

When it comes to selecting a construction site toilet provider, experience matters significantly. You want to partner with a provider who not only offers the necessary quantity of portable toilets but also possesses a solid reputation for handling all your sanitation needs with professionalism and efficiency.

John To Go, brings years of experience to the table. We understand the unique challenges and demands of construction sites, including the need to install portable toilets in sub-optimal environments, including those with uneven flooring. This level of expertise ensures that your sanitation facilities are set up correctly, minimizing the risk of inconvenience or risk for your construction crew. We also stick to the agreed-upon drop off/pick up schedule and take care of any issue that might arise.

Moreover, choosing a provider with a good track record means that you can rely on them to maintain and service the portable toilets as required. This proactive approach guarantees a clean and functional facility throughout the duration of your project. Therefore, when deciding on your construction site toilet provider, prioritize experience and a solid reputation to ensure that all your sanitation needs are expertly met.

Choose a Provider With an Excellent Customer Service Track Record

A cross section of John To Go’s premium portable toilets

When it comes to selecting a construction site toilet provider, the importance of reliable customer service cannot be overstated. In the realm of service-based solutions, like portable toilets, having a provider who is there to offer support and assistance is of paramount importance.

John To Go places a high premium on customer service. We know that construction projects can be unpredictable, and issues or inquiries may arise. Whether you require additional units, maintenance, or have questions about your service agreement, a provider with a strong customer service track record will be responsive and ready to address your needs promptly.

Choosing a provider with excellent customer service not only ensures a smoother experience but also provides peace of mind throughout your project. Knowing that you have a dedicated team to rely on for any service-related concerns can be a game-changer, allowing you to focus on your construction work with confidence.

Assess Providers That Uphold Excellence in Maintenance

When choosing a construction site toilet provider, it's not just about the initial installation and delivery of portable toilets. Ensuring hygiene and cleanliness well after installation is equally vital. An effective provider understands the long-term implications of maintaining a clean and sanitary environment on your construction site.

Hygiene and cleanliness are critical factors, not just for the well-being of your workforce but also for adhering to health and safety regulations. Proper maintenance ensures that the facilities remain in top condition throughout the duration of your construction project. A provider who prioritizes ongoing cleanliness and sanitation demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe and comfortable working environment for your team.

Selecting a construction site toilet provider that offers regular cleaning and maintenance services reflects their dedication to excellence even after the initial setup. This commitment reduces the burden on you, the construction manager, and helps maintain the productivity and morale of your workforce. We customize our service schedule and frequency to your needs. All you need to do is to specify what you’d like and we’ll follow through to see it done.

Pumping Out Waste Tanks of Portable Toilets

One of the critical responsibilities of a construction site toilet provider is ensuring the regular pumping out of waste tanks. This maintenance task holds immense importance for several reasons.

First and foremost, it guarantees that the facilities remain functional and accessible. Without routine waste tank pumping, toilets can quickly become unusable, causing disruptions to your construction project and discomfort for your workforce. Construction sites are dynamic environments, and any delays due to non-functional facilities can impact productivity and morale.

Moreover, regular waste tank maintenance is essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Neglecting this aspect can lead to unsanitary conditions that not only pose health risks but can also result in non-compliance with health and safety regulations.

A construction site toilet provider that prioritizes the consistent pumping out of waste tanks demonstrates a commitment to the well-being and efficiency of your construction site. We can also pump waste from tanks from other mobile restroom toilets for a fee.

Choose John To Go, Expert Construction Site Toilet Provider

John To Go portable toilets being delivered

Selecting the right construction site toilet provider is a decision that can significantly impact the smooth operation of your construction project. When it comes to making this choice, opting for a provider like John To Go offers a comprehensive solution that can save you the headache of managing multiple vendors.

John To Go, as a trusted construction site toilet provider, not only excels in delivering top-quality portable toilets but also offers a wide range of services and solutions to meet all your sanitation needs. Our commitment to excellence encompasses not just the initial installation but also ongoing maintenance, waste tank pumping, and excellent customer service.

By choosing John To Go, you streamline your construction site's sanitation requirements into a single, reliable source. This integrated approach simplifies your job as a construction manager, allowing you to focus on your project's core activities without the complexity of managing multiple vendors.


We provide answers to some of the pressing questions you may have.

Where is the best place to put portable toilets on a construction site?

The best placement of portable toilets on a construction site depends on several factors. It's essential to position them in convenient and accessible locations for workers. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Place them near the work areas to reduce travel time for employees.

  • Keep them away from high-traffic zones to ensure safety.

  • Ensure they are on level ground to prevent tipping.

  • Locate them strategically, considering wind direction to mitigate odors.

  • Follow local regulations regarding distances from work areas and water sources.

How many toilets do you need on a construction site?

The number of portable toilets required for a construction site depends on various factors, including the size of the workforce and the duration of the project. It's essential to meet government regulations for sanitation.

A general rule of thumb is one portable toilet for every 10-15 workers on a full-time basis. However, it's wise to consult with a reputable construction site toilet provider to determine the precise quantity needed, as they can consider specific project details and local regulations.

What is a standard portable toilet?

A standard portable toilet, often referred to as a "porta-potty" or "portable restroom," is a self-contained, stand-alone sanitation unit designed for temporary use at various locations, including construction sites, events, and outdoor gatherings. These units typically consist of a durable plastic or fiberglass exterior, a toilet seat, a holding tank, and a hand sanitizer dispenser.

A portable toilet is easy to transport, install, and maintain, making it a practical solution for providing sanitation facilities in locations where permanent infrastructure is unavailable. Standard portable toilets are designed to be user-friendly and are often odor-resistant for user comfort. They are a basic and essential component of sanitation for outdoor or temporary facilities.

What should construction managers do to ensure compliance with government regulations regarding portable toilets on their sites?

To ensure compliance with government regulations, construction managers should first determine the specific requirements and regulations relevant to their location and project size. They should work closely with a reputable construction site toilet provider to determine the appropriate number and placement of portable toilets.

Regularly inspect and maintain the facilities to meet sanitation standards, and ensure all employees are aware of the locations and proper use of the portable toilets to avoid any violations. Compliance is essential for maintaining a safe and legal work environment.

What are the benefits of choosing a construction site toilet provider that offers regular maintenance services?

Regular maintenance services from a construction site toilet provider like John To Go ensure that portable toilets remain clean, functional, and hygienic throughout the duration of your project. This takes the pressure off you, leaving it for the professionals who will do a good job. This service minimizes downtime, reduces health and safety risks, and helps maintain a positive work environment, which, in turn, boosts workforce morale and productivity.

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