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Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events

The thrill of an outdoor event, whether it be a vibrant music festival, a bustling fairground, or a closely contested sports match, always stirs a sense of excitement and camaraderie. These events draw massive crowds, sparking life and energy into parks, fields, and other outdoor venues. But as attendees flood in, an absolutely essential service springs into action - the humble portable toilet. Without this key piece of infrastructure, any event, irrespective of its scale, faces logistical challenges that could dampen the festive atmosphere. Indeed, from community gatherings to exclusive soirees, construction sites to natural disaster relief zones, the portable toilet stands as an unsung hero, quietly ensuring the smooth running of any outdoor event.

At John To Go, we understand the vital role that porta potty rentals for parties play in shaping your event's overall impression. We meticulously maintain our portable toilets to ensure they arrive at your site in impeccable condition, both inside and out. Each unit undergoes a rigorous cleaning and inspection process before delivery, guaranteeing a clean, odor-free, and hygienic restroom experience for your guests. Our dedicated maintenance team ensures the units stay in top condition throughout your event, promoting sanitation facilities on construction sites and at events. This attention to detail and commitment to cleanliness not only enhances user comfort but also reflects positively on your event, reinforcing the high standards of your gathering.

We know first-hand how stressful it can be to plan an outdoor event. The last thing you need is to be overly involved in arrangements for an outdoor porta potty that runs of toilet paper mid-event. Or worse, for your guests to have to hold their breath as they try to avoid the porta potty’s odor—and then get a whiff of it when they finally let go. At J2G, we obsess over making sure these kinds of things never happen on our watch when you use our porta potties for outdoor events.This is why we provide a full suite of amazing add-ons that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Porta potties are an economical way to manage restrooms for outdoor events because you don't have to excavate for bathrooms or wait for a septic system to be installed. They have been used for decades at outdoor events and in remote locations. As more outdoor events became more popular, there was a need for different variations of porta potties, as well as add-ons that can enhance the comfort and hygiene of your guests. Beyond the outdoor porta potty services, we can also get you set up with options that include a portable hand washing station, a hand sanitizer station, and even a portable outside light.

Outdoor Events That Could Use Portable Toilets

Outdoor Weddings

For an outdoor wedding, portable toilets offer a practical solution for maintaining guest comfort throughout the event. Luxury portable restrooms, in particular, can provide the elegance and cleanliness that your special day deserves, blending seamlessly into the overall décor and theme while ensuring your guests are well taken care of with class and comfort.

Outdoor Sports Events

At outdoor sports events, the influx of spectators can overwhelm existing restroom facilities. A large supply of portable toilets can solve this problem by providing sufficient sanitation facilities to accommodate the crowds, ensuring fans can focus on the game rather than wait in long restroom lines.

Outdoor Festivals

For large-scale outdoor festivals, port-a-potties are simply a must. They are a cost-effective and efficient way to handle the sanitation needs of a high-volume crowd, ensuring that attendees can enjoy the festival atmosphere without worrying about the availability or cleanliness of restrooms. To elevate the attendees' experience, choose flushing and oversize deluxe units to provide an enhanced level of comfort and convenience.

Outdoor Corporate Events

For outdoor corporate events, a sufficient number of well-maintained portable toilets can make a big difference in the overall event experience. High-end restroom trailers can add an extra layer of sophistication and comfort, enhancing the professional and upscale atmosphere of the event.

ADA Outdoor Events

For events committed to ADA compliance, it's critical to provide accessible restroom facilities. ADA-compliant portable toilets are wider and equipped with handrails and other features to accommodate individuals with disabilities. This ensures that all attendees, regardless of physical ability, have their needs catered to in a dignified manner.

Different Porta Potties for Outdoor Events

Portable toilets can take all sorts of shapes and sizes. The most common variety of porta potties are the standard portable toilets. There's also an ADA-accessible porta potty for guests that can't use standard toilets and construction units for use on construction sites.

Portable toilets can come with sinks. A porta potty with sink fixtures has a portable hand washing station, so guests don't have to search for soap or water to wash their hands. Of course, guests appreciate this type of portable toilet with sink combo. And if you have a special event like a large party or wedding, you can opt for flushable portable toilets. Give your guests luxurious treatment and do a "fancy porta potty rental near me" search to get some fancy porta potty rentals that feature a foot-controlled flush mechanism, a vanity, courtesy shelf, and expanded space! You can let your guests or workers know that you're thoughtful by adding a hand sanitizer station to your porta potties. And if you're hosting a one-day event that may extend into the night or plan to rent porta potties for months, you'll certainly require a portable outside light.

The good thing is that you don't have to start planning how to set up a hand sanitizer stand, an outdoor hand washing station, or a flood light stand for your outdoor porta potty. When you rent your porta potties from J2G, we can get all of these ready for you as soon as you want them. This is one of the reasons why we're truly more than just porta potties for outdoor events! And you can enjoy all of this whether you rent a fancy porta potty or not!

Portable toilet and sink rentals

Hand Sanitizer Stations with Porta Potties for Outdoor Events

Pairing hand sanitizer stations with porta potties at outdoor events offers an additional layer of hygiene and convenience for guests. Especially crucial in large public gatherings, these stations provide an easy and effective way to kill germs and prevent the spread of disease, reinforcing the overall cleanliness and health safety of the event.

Hand sanitizers are vital when using a portable toilet. In fact, many states have regulations that require their use. They bring a personal hygiene solution to portable toilets, and without them, bacteria can spread quickly. With them, you can reduce the risk of an unwanted visit to the doctor. This is why you absolutely need a hand sanitizer station for each outdoor restroom at your events.

Even when renting portable toilets come with sinks, soap, and paper towels are not enough in face of the high levels of bacteria that are present in our environment. Crowded restrooms and busy food trucks are everywhere at outdoor events, so you don't want your guests to share germs with a group of people they just met. Neither do you want them to return to their food or drinks with germ-laden hands. All that shaking hands and rubbing elbows can make for some nasty germs! Therefore, you should consider renting a porta potty with a hand sanitizer machine in it.

At J2G, we deliver porta potties for outdoor events with hand sanitizers to make sure your guests are clean and healthy. Our portable toilets and hand sanitizers go together like peas and carrots. Plus, we make sure that each hand sanitizer dispenser stand in our porta potties comes with an automatic hand sanitizer. We go the extra mile to ensure that the sanitizers we use leave hands feeling soft and moisturized rather than dry and cracked.

If you're an event planner, always remember that clean, convenient, sweet-smelling hand sanitizers can boost your public image! Portable bathrooms for parties and other outdoor events can be gross without no high-quality hand sanitizer on board. That's why at J2G, we help outdoor event planners create the best experience for their event attendees. Our touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with stand poles can easily fit near any porta. Now your guests will feel more confident in the facilities you've provided!

Portable sink and toilet combo

Portable Hand Washing Stations for Outdoor Porta Potties

In addition to porta potties, portable hand washing stations significantly enhance the outdoor restroom experience. Equipped with fresh water, soap, and paper towels, these stations provide attendees with a more comprehensive and traditional sanitation option, further fostering a comfortable and hygienic environment.

A proper outdoor wash station includes a portable bathroom with sink combination to allow people to quickly and easily wash their hands, which can prevent illness. Portable toilet and sink rentals are becoming more popular for outdoor events. Some of the greatest benefits that a portable wash station can offer include allowing your guests to keep their hands clean and decreasing their chances of spreading germs. In addition to removing germs, hand washing can improve moods and confidence. Therefore, combining portable toilets and sink arrangements is important so guests can wash their hands after using the porta potty.

We offer portable hand washing stations for outdoor events, from weddings to tailgates to festivals. The hand washing stations are inside the porta potties and are hose-less. A portable hand sink can come in various shapes and sizes but shares basic similarities. Our Fresh Hand Wash Station dispenses an 81/2 ounce metered wash and provides 200 hand washings. Delivered to your site, complete and ready for operation, the Fresh Hand Wash Station makes outdoor events safer, more sanitary and provides an unsurpassed level of convenience and comfort.

But a portable hand washing station is not only required inside or close to a porta potty. You can have them in other areas of the event to encourage people to wash their hands and reduce the likelihood of spreading bacteria, especially where food is being served and clean hands are a must. With the J2G outdoor hand wash station, you can provide your guests with a convenient place to wash their hands when water would not otherwise be readily available. These hand washing stations are also safe for food preparation staff and guests waiting for their meal. So, if you're planning an outdoor event, you should consider having a portable hand washing sink at strategic areas of the event.

Without a doubt, hand-washing stations are a must for outdoor events. So, if you rent special event portable toilets, don't forget to add hand washing stations as an important item in your rental order. Oh, and did we mention that J2G hand washing stations are available separately? Because if you've already rented one of our nice porta potty units, you can simply add on a hand washing station instead of renting another porta potty or mobile restroom!

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Portable Outside Lighting for Outdoor Porta Potties

When events run into the evening hours, portable outside lighting for porta potties becomes an essential safety feature. It ensures easy visibility and safe navigation for guests using the facilities after dark. Besides practicality, well-placed lighting can also add to the ambiance and overall aesthetic of the event.

The porta potty outside event area, on construction sites, campgrounds, etc., is one of the most important parts of any outdoor event. However, the usual problem is that they lack adequate lighting. This is because most organizers find outside lights for porta potties pretty expensive. Moreover, these lights have a hard time standing up to the elements at outdoor events. But with J2G's top-notch portable outside light, you can enjoy your outdoor event at night without breaking the bank.

Portable outdoor lights for porta potties are important for outdoor events that may extend into the night or that are held in the dark. Most outdoor bathroom portable toilets are not equipped with lights, making it harder for people to find them in the dark. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if a guest couldn't find the bathroom at your party in the dark. If you want your guests to be able to easily go to the bathroom at night, our portable outside light will make sure they can find their way.

If you're overseeing a construction site, you may need temporary construction lights on the site. This ensures that workers are able to easily find the porta potties at night and that they are also safe. With durable led construction lights from J2G, people on the site can use the portable bathrooms at night. And if you're an event planner, our portable LED light may have other exciting uses. For example, not only do they help guide your guests to the restrooms at night, but they can also add that little extra touch when creating a festive atmosphere!

A portable outside light that's suitable for porta potties for outdoor events is also important:

  1. For Personal Security: Excessive darkness can encourage criminal acts. A well-lit porta can make it safer for individuals using an outdoor restroom.

  2. To Enhance Comfort: Darker surroundings have been proven to have a direct correlation to fear and psychological stress.

  3. For Ease of Access: The use of outside lights for porta potties also benefits in particular situations where individuals may need to locate necessary facilities in a hurry.

J2G provides outdoor lights for porta potties for safety and comfort. With our J2G Portable Outdoor Light, your guests no longer have to worry about the darkness!

Water Storage Tanks Supply for Outdoor Porta Potties

At J2G, we have both saltwater tanks (best for colder winter months to prevent freezing of the water) and freshwater tanks (for warmer months) to suit your event needs! Without a constant supply of water, it will be difficult to maintain an outdoor wedding porta potty, for example. With a constant supply of water, guests can also enjoy running water in the portable hand washing station. If you already have a tank on site or at the event center, we can help you supply saltwater or freshwater when your water supply is low and you need more water!

Water storage tanks also come in handy for farming and planting, new construction, plumbing, testing, and more.

We're More Than Just Porta Potties for Outdoor Events!

Our porta-potty units are self-contained and have plumbing connections for fresh water, drain water, and sewer gases. And, like a regular home toilet, each outdoor porta potty comes with a seat and lid. You can use them at campgrounds, concert venues, and special events! And if you're in charge of a camping adventure, we can help you set up the camping wash station and provide you with a mobile sink wherever needed! We know that we can help you make your guests comfortable because we have a 98% customer retention rate and an excellent track record for customer service!

row of special event portable toilets

Enjoy a clean and safe restroom with John To Go! Our experts are always standing by, ready to help you and to serve your every need quickly and effectively. The good thing is that you don't necessarily need to rent a high end porta potty to enjoy all these benefits! So, even if you don't plan to rent a deluxe porta potty, you can still request a hand sanitizer station, a portable hand washing station, and a portable outside light!

How Many Porta Potties Per Person for an Event?

So, how many porta potties do you need per person for an event? Well, it depends. As a general rule, if your event will last about 4 hours (with no food or alcohol served), you'll need at least one porta potty for every 100 people or guests.

Why Do You Need Portable Toilets at Your Event?

Choosing to include portable toilets in your event planning is an important decision that directly impacts the overall success of your event. Here are some key reasons why portable toilets are indispensable for any outdoor gathering:

Convenience for Guests

Having portable toilets at your event provides unrivaled convenience for your guests, eliminating the need for long walks or drives to find restroom facilities. With strategically placed portable toilets, guests can quickly and easily take care of their needs, allowing them to focus on enjoying the event.

Reduce Risk of Infections

Portable toilets, especially when paired with hand sanitizer and hand washing stations, play a critical role in maintaining public health at your event. They prevent the spread of germs and infections by providing controlled and clean environments for personal sanitation, ensuring a safer event for everyone involved.

Highly Maintained Portable Toilets

Highly maintained portable toilets are not just functional, but they also contribute to the overall impression of your event. At John To Go, our rigorous cleaning and inspection processes ensure our portable toilets are in top-notch condition. This commitment to cleanliness and hygiene assures your guests of a comfortable and pleasant experience, enhancing their overall perception of your event.


Porta Potties can be used for camping, construction sites, recreational events, and much more. A portable hand washing station and hand sanitizer station are necessary for all outdoor events to keep germs at bay.

Whether you need a high-rise porta potty (for high-rise construction projects) or an outdoor porta potty for camping in the woods, we're your go-to porta potty rental! Our high-quality, affordable porta-potties are designed to accommodate your needs no matter what the occasion may be. Call us today for impeccable 5-star service!

FAQs Regarding Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events

What are outdoor portable toilets called?

Outdoor portable toilets are commonly known as porta potties, but you may also hear them referred to as port-a-johns, portable restrooms, mobile toilets, or portable loos (portaloos).

What is the best outdoor toilet?

The best outdoor toilet can greatly depend on the needs of the event or situation. For general public events or construction sites, standard porta potties are often sufficient. They're sturdy, easy to clean, and readily available. For a more upscale event like a wedding or VIP gathering, luxury restroom trailers can provide a high-end experience, complete with flushing toilets, sinks, and even air conditioning. For remote or environmentally sensitive areas, composting toilets can be an excellent option, as they don't require water or a sewer connection. At John To Go, we take immense pride in delivering nothing but the best when it comes to outdoor sanitation solutions. We understand that 'the best' is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. That's why our extensive product line caters to a wide variety of needs. Whether you're hosting an outdoor festival, overseeing a bustling construction site, or planning an upscale event, we offer sturdy portable toilets and enhanced sanitation measures, paired with efficient and reliable service. We also carry luxury restroom trailers that offer a superior level of comfort and elegance with flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors, and even air conditioning. We truly believe that in the realm of outdoor toilets, 'the best' is a blend of quality, convenience, reliability, and dedicated service - a blend that we deliver consistently at John To Go.

How to make a temporary outdoor toilet?

If you're in a pinch and need to create a temporary outdoor toilet, you can do so with a few basic supplies. First, find a private area that's away from any water sources to prevent contamination. Dig a hole about 1 foot deep. Over this, set up a sturdy chair with a hole in the seat, or simply use a portable camping toilet seat. After use, cover the waste with soil. This is a rudimentary solution and may not be suitable for all situations or prolonged use. For public events or longer-term needs, it's always best to rent professional portable toilets. Visit johntogo.com or reach out to us by phone or chat to find out our availability in your area.

How do outdoor portable toilets work?

Portable toilets operate quite simply. They have a tank that holds waste, with a separate area for liquid and solid waste. Chemicals are often used in the tank to reduce odors and assist in breaking down the waste. The porta potty rental company typically handles the maintenance, which includes cleaning and emptying the waste tank on a regular schedule.

What is the purpose of a portable toilet?

The primary purpose of a portable toilet is to provide sanitation facilities in areas where permanent toilets are not available, impractical, or insufficient. This could be at outdoor events, construction sites, disaster relief zones, or in remote camping areas. Portable toilets can help maintain public health and comfort by preventing the spread of disease and reducing environmental contamination.

Do portable toilets use water?

Traditional portable toilets do not use water in the same way that regular household toilets do. Instead, they use a chemical solution in the waste tank to reduce odors and break down waste. However, there are some models of portable toilets, often found in luxury restroom trailers, that do use a small amount of water for flushing. These are more similar to your home toilet, but they still use significantly less water.

porta potties for outdoor events blocking sidewalk

Porta Potties Near Me

When you're researching "porta potties near me," John To Go stands out as the go-to solution for all your portable restroom requirements. We understand that the need for a clean and reliable portable toilet service extends beyond just providing the unit itself.

That's why we focus on offering a comprehensive service package that takes care of all your needs, from the moment you first contact us to the time we complete the pickup. Our diverse range of portable toilet options ensures that we have something to suit every need and budget. With John To Go, you're not just renting a portable restroom—you're investing in a hassle-free experience that covers all the bases.