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Open House Party

When it comes to having people over, you definitely want to know that you’re doing it right. As a host or hostess, you want to make sure that you’re going to have some fun and that everyone gets the experience that you’re looking for. And with an open house party, there are plenty of ways that all of that can happen. But you’ll need to think about some key aspects to make sure you’re on the right track.

What is an Open House Party?

The first thing to look at is just what a party open house really is. This is actually a very simple type of party because it involves having people over to your home rather than renting a venue. This gives you the ‘right’ to keep things more casual, though you have the option to really dress things up as well if you prefer.

The key is to start by figuring out what type of open house party you’re having, and then make a choice on all of the other details. We’ll get there in just a moment though. You’ll be more than happy with the options that are available.

What Kind of Open House Party Are You Having?

First, what kind of open house party are you going to have? Well, you could have an open house graduation party, a retirement party, an open house housewarming party, or just about anything else you want. An open house anniversary party can be a great option as well, giving everyone a chance to celebrate you and your special someone.

Having an open house party gives you an opportunity to welcome all of your friends, family, and anyone else that you want into your home to have a more intimate celebration than you would at any other venue, but it still gives you plenty of freedom otherwise. You just have to make some choices about the details.

Setting it All Up

setting up food for an open house party

Let’s take a look at what it takes to set up an open house party. To get started, you need to come up with open house party invitations, as well as planning the menu for food for an open house party. That way, you can really make a statement and get your guests having a good time. Let’s break it down and check things out one-by-one.

  • The Theme

First of all, why are you even having an open house? There are plenty of different reasons to have an open house and the best way to determine any of your other details is to start by knowing just why you’re having this one.

Once you know the purpose of your party you can start thinking about the specific theme. This is where you’re going to decide if it’s high end or casual. Whether you’re going to have a more specific theme (like rodeo or Vegas) or you’re going to keep things general is going to be your choice, but it’s definitely going to make things more fun if you pick a more specific theme so that you can match the rest of your party ideas to the theme.

  • The Program

Do you need a program for your open house party? In most cases there is no pressure to design an active program. Guests expect to come and enjoy hanging out and spending time with friends or family in a chilled atmosphere. An open house style party will generally have a range of time that it runs for, such as 2pm to 5pm or noon to 3pm. You can set the number of hours that you want, but the main point of this type of party is that people can show up at any time and enjoy the food, activities, and social setting.

  • The Food

open house party menu ideas

One thing about this type of party (that holds true for every type of party) is that it should always have food. You get to decide if you want to have snacks or a meal, but something should definitely be served to your guests. You also can choose the specifics on the food that’s going to be offered. That includes deciding whether you want things like chips and dip or plated hors d'oeuvres, or whether you want hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, or steak and seafood.

The key is picking out food that you and your guests are going to like and that fits whoever is going to be the guest of honor for your party (whether that’s you or someone else).

Also, don’t just think about the regular food that you’re going to serve. Everyone loves to have some type of dessert as well. You might want cookies or cake or cupcakes. Or maybe you just want fruit or something else entirely. Something sweet is always a good way to make people happy and you can still enjoy making it your own.

  • The Décor

Decorating for a party is definitely going to be a lot of fun too. Once again, you get to decide the décor as well and you get to decide just how upscale or casual you want it to be. You could have balloons and streamers or you might get tents and lights.

The type of décor that you choose will generally depend on the type of party that you’re having. If you’re having a birthday party things might be a little more casual. For an anniversary party, however, you might decide to style things up and create a little more of a high-class vibe. A retirement party might fall somewhere in the middle.

But it’s going to be entirely up to you what you really want for your party. You could decide to have a birthday party that’s as elegant as possible or an anniversary party that’s a backyard BBQ. It’s going to be whatever fits you and your needs or interests for the celebration.

Décor Arrangement

  • Everything Else

There’s a whole lot of other things that could go into your party planning. Things like renting tables and chairs for everyone or having some type of entertainment. Just because you are having a party at home doesn’t mean that you can’t have entertainment for your guests. And you get to choose what it is.

Maybe you’ll have games for everyone to participate in, or some type of music. No matter what you choose, you can really make the most of the event and make sure everyone else enjoys it too. You just have to decide what you want most for everyone there.

The Business Open House

business open house

What if you’re not planning an open house at your home but actually an open house for a business? Well, much of the process actually works the same way, but you’re generally planning the event to welcome people from the community into your business so they can get to know more about you and what you do.

A business open house will typically include a tour of the building and at least a few of the employees talking about what your business does and trying to build rapport with those guests. This party isn’t strictly about fun, but also about getting people in the area to want to work with you.

It can still have great food (though these events are more likely to be catered), and some fun décor. Plus, you still get to choose whatever theme you want. But keep in mind that this type of event is usually more formal or high end rather than the casual options you typically get with backyard parties.

Porta Potties for Your Party

event portable toilet rental

No matter what type of party you’re having, an open house means a lot of people gathering at your home. And you don’t necessarily want all of those people using your family bathroom, right? That’s where portable toilets for events can be a great option. They give your guests the facilities that they need and keep people out of your home bathroom as much as possible.

With a special event, however, you want to make sure you have a nice porta potty so that your guests are comfortable. You can do that by getting luxury portable toilets that have all of the amenities that your guests would expect in a regular bathroom without having to actually accommodate so many people in your own.

John to Go can help you get the right luxury porta potty that you’re looking for, including handicap porta potty rental to accommodate all of your guests. You can even get a hand wash station that makes it easier for your party to stay clean and fresh and your guests to be glad that they came.

All you have to do is contact John to Go to find out more about your options and see what you can do to turn your special event into the party you want it to be. Your guests are going to be more than happy to see what you bring together, and you are going to love celebrating.

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