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Read our growing collection of valuable articles about all things related to construction, disaster sites, corporate and personal outdoor events, and more.

John To Go is a leading restroom trailer provider for close to two decades. As a family owned business, we recognize the importance of personal service in addition to reliable, top-of-the-line equipment. We service many construction sites, community centers, schools and colleges, local governments, businesses, and corporate and personal events within New York and Florida.

road project in need of porta potties for emergency road repairs

Why Porta Potties Are a Must-Have for Emergency Road Repairs

Emergency road repairs are often critical to maintaining safe and functional transportation routes. Swift and efficient road repairs…

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eco-friendly porta potty rentals

Sustainable Porta Potty Solutions for Eco-Friendly Film Productions

In the dynamic realm of film production, sustainability has emerged as a paramount concern, driving a shift towards…

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large-scale film production sanitation potties

Navigating Logistics: Porta Potty Planning for Large-Scale Film Productions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on optimizing large-scale film production sanitation through meticulous porta-potty planning. In the dynamic…

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Remote filming porta-potty

How Porta Potties Enhance Crew Comfort and Efficiency on Remote Film Locations

In the vast expanse of filmmaking, where creativity often leads crews to remote and rugged locations, ensuring the…

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luxury trailers and porta potties for film sets

Customized Porta Potty Rentals for High-Profile Film Productions

In the world of high-profile film productions, every detail matters. From extravagant sets to A-list talent, excellence is…

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Successful porta-potty deployments on film sets

Benefits of Successful Porta Potty Deployments in the Film Industry

Successful porta-potty deployments play a crucial role in the film industry, significantly impacting the efficiency and comfort of…

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farm setting in need of renting farm restrooms with John To Go

Renting Farm Restrooms with Comfort, Convenience, and Portability in Mind

In the heart of agricultural operations, the necessity for renting farm restrooms becomes increasingly evident. Farms' sprawling landscapes…

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farm setting that would benefit from ADA-compliant farm restrooms from John To Go

Renting ADA-Compliant Restrooms for Farm Workers and Visitors

Farmers must provide ADA-compliant portable restrooms for workers and visitors to ensure equitable access and accommodation for all…

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Temporary fencing barricades for event security

Types of Temporary Fencing Barricades for Pedestrian Pathways and Traffic Control

In the chaotic realm of urban environments and crowded event spaces, unmanaged pedestrian pathways pose significant challenges, creating…

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hi-rise construction scene

How Hi-Rise Portable Restrooms Are a Game-Changer for Construction Sites

Construction sites, with their constant movement and activity, require the availability of appropriate restroom facilities to ensure the…

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Temporary fencing installation for pedestrian safety

How to Save Costs When Installing Temporary Fencing

Individuals and businesses often grapple with unmanaged situations that can lead to budgetary nightmares and quality concerns. Picture…

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Temporary event fencing against clear view of sky

Benefits of Temporary Fencing for Your Outdoor Events

Imagine the detailed planning required for organizing an outdoor event, where each element is thoughtfully considered to craft…

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Construction security fencing around a building site

How to Keep Construction Sites Secure with Temporary Fencing

Ensuring the security of construction sites is a paramount concern for project managers. With deadlines looming and the…

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A construction site that is in need of porta potty facilities

Porta Potties for Construction Sites by John To Go

In the fast-paced realm of construction, efficiency is paramount, and every element plays a crucial role in ensuring…

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When to Consider Installing Temporary Fencing

In a world where security and safety are paramount, the decision to install temporary fencing becomes crucial. For…

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A construction site

What are the Construction Porta Potty Rental Costs?

Effective construction site management hinges on careful consideration of every detail, and one aspect to factor into the…

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A construction work in progress

How to Choose the Right Portable Toilet Provider for Construction Site

When it comes to managing a construction site, attention to detail is paramount. Among the various logistical challenges…

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An outdoor gathering

The Importance of Portable Hand Washing Stations at Outdoor Events

When orchestrating outdoor events, the quest for an unforgettable experience often takes center stage. However, amid the excitement…

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A gathering of people at food festival

Why Portable Hand Washing Stations are Essential for Food Festivals

In the world of food festivals, where delectable aromas and mouth-watering dishes take center stage, ensuring the safety…

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An outdoor gathering

How to Choose the Right Portable Hand Washing Station for Events

Event planners, in their meticulous pursuit of perfect outdoor events, understand the pivotal role of portable hand washing…

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outdoor gathering where hand washing station is beneficial

5 Benefits of Renting a Portable Hand Washing Station for Events

Elevating the experience of your outdoor events while ensuring the well-being of your attendees is a basic component…

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An outdoor event

The Ultimate Guide to Portable Hand Washing Station Rentals for Events

Navigating the realm of event planning, one aspect consistently takes center stage: the unwavering commitment to health and…

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Ongoing work at a construction site

Porta Potty Sanitation Solutions Reduce Construction Delays

In the dynamic realm of construction management, every minute counts. Construction managers are consistently tasked with juggling myriad…

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outdoor gathering for executive bathroom rental

Experience Unmatched Luxury with JohnToGo Executive Bathroom Rentals

When it comes to organizing exceptional events, every detail matters, and none more so than the comfort and…

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People gathered at an outdoor event

Outdoor Toilets for Rent – Affordable and Convenient Portable Restrooms

Planning an outdoor event comes with its unique set of challenges, and among them, ensuring access to clean…

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An outdoor gathering

Flushing Porta Potty Rental Services for Clean and Convenient Sanitation Solutions

When orchestrating a successful event or managing a construction site, ensuring convenient sanitation solutions is vital. For event…

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An outdoor gathering

Portable Shower and Toilet Rental Services by John To Go

Efficiency and convenience are paramount in the worlds of event planning and construction management. Whether orchestrating a grand-scale…

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porta potty placement outdoors in Florida

Portable Restroom Placement Tips for an Outdoor Setup

Mastering porta potty setup for an event is a multifaceted task that goes beyond simply providing restroom facilities.…

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outdoor festivals

John To Go: Your Trusted Partner for Music Festival Sanitation Solutions

As the vibrant melodies of diverse musical genres fill the air at annual music extravaganzas, drawing in thousands…

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Construction site workers

How John To Go Portable Toilets Boost Morale and Hygiene on Construction Sites: A Success Story

On a construction site, numerous indispensable amenities, including storage spaces and waste disposal systems, play vital roles. However,…

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portable toilet rentals

Assessing Portable Toilet Rentals for Their Reliability

In the high-stakes world of construction, every component plays a crucial role in ensuring a project's successful completion.…

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durable toilets for construction site use

John To Go: A Reliable Partner for Your Construction Needs

You need portable toilets for your construction site, and we have the answer to your needs. But why…

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elegant wedding celebrations

Wedding Restroom Trailers Near Me

Wedding restroom trailers are essential for ensuring a memorable and stress-free day. These luxurious facilities provide convenience and…

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porta potty rental services on construction site

John To Go Porta Potty Rental Services

John To Go Porta Potty Rental Services is your premier destination for top-quality portable restroom solutions. With a…

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toilet deployment capabilities for porta potties-min

Selecting a Portable Toilet Provider with Rapid Deployment Capabilities

Choosing the right portable toilet provider for a successful music festival goes far beyond simply ticking off an…

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outdoor festival

The Indispensable Role of Portable Toilets at Music Festivals

Music festivals, with their electrifying performances and infectious energy, have become a prominent part of modern entertainment culture.…

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videotaping music festival

Selecting a Top-notch Portable Toilet Provider for Your Music Festival

Organizing a successful music festival requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. While securing top-notch performers and selecting…

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delivering outdoor restroom facilities for summer camps

Campsites Made Comfortable: Summer Camp Porta Potty Rental

Summer camps offer an exceptional opportunity for children to explore the great outdoors, develop new skills, create lasting friendships, and build unforgettable memories.

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Outdoor arena for music and sports events

Ensuring Attendee Comfort with High Quality Portable Toilets at Music Festivals

As the curtain rises on the vibrant world of music festivals, event planners are keenly aware of the…

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portable bathroom in Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Portable Bathroom in Florida

Florida's tourism industry draws millions of visitors every year, with attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and…

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The Importance of Freshwater and Saltwater Tanks for Plumbers

In the process of constructing or renovating homes and commercial facilities, a reliable water source is essential. Often, these projects are located in areas...

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porta potties positioned at construction site

Why John To Go Porta Potties are the Preferred Choice for Construction Sites

When it comes to construction sites, one of the most essential facilities is often overlooked and underestimated: portable…

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Reliable John to Go porta potty rentals

The Importance of Full-Service Dedication in Choosing a Porta Potty Provider

When a customer relies on a porta potty vendor for an event or a specific servicing schedule, it…

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Portable Urinal Image

Revolutionize Your Event Experience with Men’s Portable Urinals

Are long queues for the restrooms and inadequate amenities ruining your event experience? Waiting in line for extended…

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luxury bathroom rentals-min

Elevate Your Event with Luxury Bathroom Rentals from John to Go

Porta potty rental units have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of basic…

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row of affordable porta potty rentals

Affordable Porta Potty Rentals from John To Go: Your Best Sanitary Solution

In today’s fast-paced digital age, it's refreshing to find a company that still values genuine, human connections. At…

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easy porta potty rental

Effortless Porta Potty Rentals

The John to Go Advantage: How We Make Renting Porta Potties Easy and Convenient At John To Go,…

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porta potties and portable hand washing station

Portable Hand Washing Stations for Hygiene On-the-Go

Are you planning an outdoor event and worried about keeping your attendees healthy and safe? The solution is…

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portable restrooms on grass

5 Reasons to Choose Portable Restrooms for Your Next Outdoor Event

Planning and hosting an outdoor event can be stressful, especially when it comes to providing adequate restroom facilities…

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grilling meat at food cook off party

Porta Potty Rentals for Cook Off Parties: Cleanliness Counts

Porta potty rentals for parties play a crucial role in ensuring the cleanliness and comfort of attendees at…

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Florida small business ideas in booming population

Top Five Florida Small Business Ideas for Future Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret - Florida's economy is boosting in every sense of the word. That said, it’s been…

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child in wheelchair participating in inclusive event

Ultimate Planning Guide for Inclusive Events

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 adults has special needs. That said,…

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participants in sports fundraiser

How to run Successful Sports Fundraisers

People love sports and the entertainment it brings. And when you think about it, this makes sense because…

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attending labor day festivals

Top 8 Labor Day Party Ideas to Relax and Have Fun

Everyone in the workforce enjoys Labor Day. It’s the day where they can sit back, relax, and take a break from their day-to-day work life ...

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couple celebrating an engagement

How to Celebrate an Engagement with a Great Party

This is it. What you’ve been waiting for ever since you started dating and first thought this one might be the one. Your engagement...

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wedding rehearsal event

Get Hitched Without a Hitch: How to Run a Wedding Rehearsal

Regardless of how simple or elaborate you want your wedding to be, you want everything to go without a hitch. There are so many moving...

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party open house sign

Open House Party

When it comes to having people over, you definitely want to know that you’re doing it right. As a host or hostess, you want to ...

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women talking at neighborhood social event

Neighborhood Event Ideas to Enjoy the Summer Weather

When was the last time you actually sat back and enjoyed some relaxing time with your neighbors? It’s probably been a while, right?

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women talking at neighborhood social event

What You Need to Know When Planning a Retirement Party

Of course, you could just arrange a small gathering to celebrate your loved one or a friend. You could gather just close...

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adult birthday decor

How To Plan A Birthday Party For Adults

Are you tired of the same celebration format that your birthday follows every year? Gather, drink, cut cake, and repeat...

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baby shower event setup

Hosting Your Own Baby Shower Made Easy

While pregnancy is certainly not easy, there are things you can look forward to as you await your newest family member. There’s an exciting...

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bat mitzvah traditions

What Happens At a Bar Mitzvah and Why It’s So Significant

A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is one of the most important ceremonies in a Jewish individual's life - a once-in-a-lifetime moment...

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table set for luxury events

Creating the Perfect Setup with Luxury Events

Planning an event means thinking about a whole lot of things - from food to decorations and from…

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south florida concert event

How to Plan Perfect Concerts in South Florida

There's no denying that Florida is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the country. With…

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mug for bridal shower drinks

Planning a Bridal Shower for an Exciting Party Experience

Congratulations! There's a reason to celebrate because your friend (or sister) is getting married! You’re the maid of…

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wedding anniversary party decor

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas and the Need for Luxury Restroom Trailers

How Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals Enhance Your Wedding Anniversary Event Every anniversary is a reason to celebrate! Every…

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festival grounds

Festival Planning: How to Plan Perfect Festivals in Florida

Festivals are an important part of community life. They bring people together in a shared experience, allowing them…

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balloons for farewell party celebration

Farewell Party Ideas: Tips to Make it a Success

The best way to celebrate a goodbye is with a party! Farewell parties are a time-honored tradition. They're a chance to celebrate loved...

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family gathering at beach

How to Plan a Family Reunion Everyone Will Love!

Family reunions can often be counted among life’s most cherished events, as they give you and your loved…

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kids outdoor activity

8 Summer Camp Themes and Activities Kids Love

Nothing says “summer vacation” quite like a fun-filled, action-packed summer camp. And with sunshine, warm temperatures ...

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construction worker holding hat

Safe Construction is Becoming More Accessible

Like most other major industries in 2022, the construction industry is evolving. This is beneficial to construction workers ...

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kids enjoying spring activities outdoors

Celebrate Spring Holidays as a Family

Winter comes with its slew of magic. The beautiful white snowflakes falling from the sky, the holiday season…

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users logged in to virtual event

Virtual Event Production

We can all agree that things have changed (and continue to change) drastically since the inception of the…

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people at micro event

Micro Events: Less Is More

When the situation of COVID-19 hit certain companies terribly, they had to come up with new and innovative…

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Crowd at public event

Event Planning Florida

Looking for a fun adventure or an exciting place to hold your next event? Florida is the place to go! You cannot go wrong ...

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Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events

We know first-hand how stressful it can be to plan an outdoor event. The last thing you need is for a porta potty to run out ...

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Planning a Winter Sports Park

With winter kicking in, it is not long until people start flocking to the mountains for some outdoor…

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Bulldozer ready for winter construction

Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Winter Construction

Some things in life just don’t mix. Think ketchup and pancakes, milk and red bull, or outdoor construction…

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waterfront for outdoor activities in florida

Plan Safe Outdoor Activities in Florida During the Covid Era

For some areas of the world, the big vacation burst comes during the warm summer months. The same…

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close up of photographer with camera

Starting A Photography Business Checklist: A Complete Guide

Being self-employed with a profession that is also your passion is a dream come true for many. However,…

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menorah and chocolate coins for chanukah party

Chanukah Party Ideas: Food, Fun, Decor, and More

Chanukah or Hanukkah is almost upon us — November 28th to December 6th to be exact. If you’re…

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port o potty units in Florida

The History Of Porta Potty Manufacturing

When you use a porta potty at an event or jobsite, odds are good that you don’t think much about the history that has ...

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family at Thanksgiving party

Organizing A Memorable Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in the United States, and serves as the perfect time to bring friends,…

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clear view of bird on branch

Starting a Bird Watching Group

If you ever find yourself looking up to the sky, fascinated with the beautiful chirping of a bird and their sometimes vibrant colors...

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player at football event

Football Events Mean Football Fans

It is football season and the fans are beyond ready for it. All local high schools and colleges are prepping for their home games

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Halloween outdoor party

Hosting a Halloween Party for All Ages

So, you’re looking for more information on just how to host a great Halloween party. Maybe you’ve thrown…

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Planning A Community Health Fair

A community health fair has one goal in mind: to improve overall community health and teach about health…

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bbq cook off

Cook Off Ideas

Cooking competitions are great ways to bring friends and family together, as well as large crowds. Good food is a common ground, and ...

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Fall Festival Autumn

6 Steps to Planning a Memorable Fall Festival

As summer winds to a close. you're most likely looking forward to planning the fall festivities of the…

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pexels brett sayles

Talent Show Ideas to Get Your Community Involved

Children are definitely a lot of fun to interact with, and they’re always coming up with new, unique, and fun things. They love to...

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fourth of july themed dessert

Plan Outdoor Holiday Parties For Labor Day, Memorial Day, & More

Everyone loves an outdoor party. There’s nothing like getting together with friends or colleagues, cracking open some cold drinks ...

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Foundation at construction site

Temporary Water Tank Rentals for Construction Sites

Managing a construction site effectively involves addressing numerous logistical challenges, including water supply. Delays can arise from something…

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portable toilets for campers

8 Portable Toilet Types for Every Occasion

From construction sites and renovation projects to weddings and fundraisers, there's no shortage of venues that rely on portable toilets...

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Construction workers at construction site

Osha Construction Standards for Portable Potty Rules & Regulations

When it comes to building anything you will generally need to follow the OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration) construction...

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firecracker for outdoor event

Outdoor Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Productivity is important for any business, whether you only have a few employees or run an entire corporation.…

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Porta potty at construction site

Safety As A Priority at Construction Sites

Construction sites are full of activity with material, equipment, and vehicles moving about throughout the day. With all…

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portapotty event units

Portaloo Rental For Different Occasions

As the country begins to reopen, many people are looking forward to attending their favorite outdoor festivals and…

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Mobile toilets at event next to water

Outdoor Event Planning Checklist

There are a lot of important things to account for when planning an event. If you fail to properly address even a single aspect of the event...

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Portable Restroom FAQs

How do you clean portable toilets?

We use the highest grade of cleaning products on the market to make sure that your guests have clean, inviting restrooms. We also service your portable restroom a minimum of once a week to ensure that the mobile toilet is clean, and the waste tank doesn’t overflow.

Do you offer any discount if more than one porta potty is rented for the same event?

Our goal at John To Go is to make sure that everyone at your worksite or event has a mobile toilets exactly when they need one. If you’ll be servicing a large crowd, and your budget is low, reach out to us by phone at 845.362.2300 or email at info@johntogo.com to see if we can get you better event pricing.

How often does a porta potty’s waste tank need to be emptied?

We service most of our mobile toilets once a week, and clear the waste tank. However, some porta potties are used more often, by more people, and they may need more frequent service. In those cases, we service the mobile toilets more often, depending on the need of the specific porta potty.

Porta Potties Near Me

To support your search for "porta potties near me," John To Go delivers exceptional local porta potty rentals that emphasize cleanliness and reliability, extending well beyond basic amenities. Our comprehensive service package, from initial inquiry to final pickup, ensures a seamless experience, catering to various needs and budgets. With John To Go, you gain more than just a portable restroom—you secure a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.